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Realtor Uses Box Truck Wraps in a Very Unique Way in Orange County

 Mar 08, 2015

Located in Aliso Viejo, Wayne Chang and Associates are the realtors that help Orange County folks to buy homes, sell homes – and move! As part of the Realty One Group, Chang has become a household name that is synonymous with customer care and satisfaction. In an effort to discover new avenues of serving his past, current and future clients, he went out and bought a box truck – just so he could offer it to folks for a moving van. (He even offers it to non-profit groups when they need to transport things for events or moves.) When it came time to add a wrap to the truck, he contacted Superior Signs and Graphics.

Box Truck Wraps Orange County

What a way to promote your real estate agency!

Branding and Selling with Box Truck Wraps

The moving truck wraps Orange County realty experts like to put on their vehicles assist with the marketing of the real estate professional’s services. Our graphic designer worked with Chang to create a visually attractive design for the wrap that brands his services, offers contact information and brings out quite a bit of this professional’s personality. Look at the back of the vehicle, and you see what we mean. Letting his lender fund a small portion of the cost, this professional, too, has a bit of advertising space on the back of the truck.

After taking a close look at the vehicle, we noticed that there were almost no rivets. This allowed us to use intermediate vinyl from 3M, which is a huge saving to the client. We added a 3M gloss laminate that not only enhances the appeal of the vehicle but also protects the print and colors from damage. As you can see, this wrap comes out beautifully and truly does justice to the vision of Wayne Chang and Associates.

Orange County Box Truck Wraps

Box truck graphics market 24/7!

Let us Wrap Your Box Truck (or a Fleet of Them!)

What about your business? Are you in the market for the types of box truck wraps Orange County realtors are now using more and more? You do not have to be a realtor to have a box truck wrapped by our professionals. We have worked with clients from other business niches, too, who asked us to apply a full or partial wrap – or lettering and decals – to their vehicles as well.

  • Moving companies. Starting a moving company usually begins with the purchase of a box truck. Get folks to recognize you, build your name recognition and pretty soon you have a fleet of box trucks and a number of employees.
  • Caterers. Whether you are catering only the food or providing a complete setup with tables, chairs, linens and decorations, a box truck is a must-have for your business. Finding new clients has never been easier than with a wrap that shows off some of your culinarily most enticing creations and beautiful table setups.
  • House painters. Sure, you might have considered the purchase of a work truck. But do you really want to put your tools, paints and other items in the back of an open truck? When you opt for the enclosed truck version, your items are locked up when you are eating lunch. With specially designed shelving units, finding all of your paints and tools – for multiple jobs – is a snap. Advertising your business by providing actual photos of some finished jobs there can help you line up new work. Once again, it is all in the wrap.
Vinyl Box Truck Wraps Orange County

We can embed messages, images and more on your wraps!

Other clients include florists, appliance delivery services and mobile dog grooming professionals. Talk to our box truck wrap pros today for more information on this product and how it can help to grow your business.

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