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New Foam Exterior Building Sign & Will Call Sign for Summerset Grills

 Mar 05, 2015

Located at 17192 Daimler Street in Irvine, Summerset Professional Grills specializes in commercial-grade BBQ islands, fire pits and stainless steel gas grills. Another customer favorite is the selection of pizza ovens. If you are a serious backyard chef or hobbyist, or simply a professional in need of cutting-edge equipment, then this is the hardware to select. When it came time to add a signage package to the company’s location, the management team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics. We visited with the professionals to identify their needs.

Exterior Building Signs Orange County

Foam building signs attractive and long lasting

Exterior Building Sign and Will Call Sign

Perhaps the most important selection was that of one of Superior’s exterior foam building signs Orange County businesses have come to rely on for easy recognition. It features foam that we painted white and to which we then added metal laminates. It also includes the red logo graphic. The setup mimics the look that shoppers first encounter on the company’s website. Since Summerset Professional Grills just recently changed the logo, this update to the exterior look was a big deal.

Next, the company needed a marker that would assist with finding the will-call area. We manufactured the product from aluminum composite that we painted white and imprinted with the logo and company name, a red arrow as well as the bold lettering “will call.” The red frame that surrounds the square adds visual aesthetics to the product. The will call signs Orange County companies like to use also help with branding of their companies rather than just provide the wayfinding information.

Exterior Foam Building Signs Orange County

Clearly visible!

Ways We Can Boost Your Signage

If you are ready to add exterior signage packages to your company’s venue, we gladly assist you, too.

  • Dimensional building and wayfinding signage. Summerset Professional Grills selected this package. The use of aluminum and foam is budget-friendly and ensures longevity. The great look of the building sign remains in excellent condition for a long time.
  • Lightbox cabinet and window graphics. The lightbox cabinet is the marker of choice when you want to highlight a business affiliation or professional membership. If you want your customers to know about a membership that your business has, this is a great signage solution for making this information known. The window graphics then give more information about the business and put together how this membership (or company motto) benefits the consumers.
  • Lit channel letters and A-frame signage. Lit signage is always a good idea. The illuminated product gives the colors more vibrancy and ensures that your business is seen even after dark. When you add an A-frame to the mix, you market with the overhead sign as well as the product that you place into the stream of foot traffic. Clever business owners have asked us to also add window posters to the mix. Since the A-frame slightly slows the foot traffic and the channel letters have already grabbed the eye, the posters – hung in the windows – now communicate another marketing message.
Wayfinding will call signs Orange County

Exterior wayfinding signs extremely helpful!

Talk to our skilled building signage professionals today for more information on these and other signage products. We gladly come out for a site survey and help you envision a freshly redone façade look that is sure to generate renewed interest from passersby and motorists alike.

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