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Rebrand Your Orange County Restaurant with New Signs & Graphics!

 Sep 08, 2015

Located at 2930 Bristol Street in Building C in Costa Mesa, CA is Calipoke. This new restaurant has already made a name for itself for its authentic Poke and fresh food choices. With generous portions and the location near the LAB anti mall, this is certainly a recipe for success. When it came time to add restaurant signs and graphics for Orange County consumers, the company’s management team contacted the professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics.

Signage Combos Get Attention

Exterior signs for Restaurants in Orange County

Attention-getting LED cabinet sign!

A custom aluminum cabinet with an acrylic front displays the eatery’s name on the exterior of the colorful building. It features the white writing on a red background. This sign is then mounted to a black backdrop, which we installed to the façade. It lights up after dark with the help of LEDs and signals to hungry guests. The menu boards on the interior display the company’s colors and explain the makeup of the dishes. Custom wall graphics round out the interior signage with artistic creations that give the locale a big part of its inimitable ambiance.

It is interesting to note that the Calipoke restaurant is actually an existing eatery that is being rebranded. It is against this backdrop that the combination of signage products had to work perfectly. After all, the eatery’s management staff does not want guests to visit and experience déjà vu. Keep in mind also that the anti mall setting creates a challenge for companies coming in with standard signage displays. For this reason, our graphic artists worked hard to align the displays with the overall look and feel of the area.

Custom restaurant menu boards Orange County

Don’t forget the custom menu boards!

Rebranding Made Easy

Rebranding is a common practice. Companies rebrand when their signage designs become outdated and no longer effectively communicate with their target demographics. Sometimes, a venue rebrands because the owner is changing direction. For an eatery, this might be the switch from a breakfast menu to a diner style restaurant that now includes lunch and dinner. In other cases, the rebranding becomes necessary because the menu changes completely and what used to be an Italian ristorante is now a Spanish tapas bar.

Wall graphics for restaurants in Orange County

Wall graphics welcome guests!

This process varies greatly from company to company. Minor changes involve a slight tweak to a font setting and a color. Major alterations point to the complete change of scenery and product offerings. This includes all kinds of signage products as well as the potential for changing a logo and even a company name. Since the process is far-reaching, it is a good idea to work with a seasoned signage shop that can handle the procedure for you.

Starting Your Rebranding Today

Custom vinyl wall graphics for Orange County Restaurants

Use wall graphics for your drink menu!

Whether you intend to rebrand your Orange County restaurant with new signs and graphics, want to take your retail establishment or medical office into a new direction, or plan to appeal to a new demographic, our professionals can help you. We work with your management team to put together a new brand persona that expertly represents your company’s change of focus. In addition, we handle the entire signage switch on the exterior as well as on the interior. Contact us today to start the process.

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