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Vehicle Wraps and Graphics for Commercial Fleets in Anaheim, CA!

 Nov 06, 2023

Back in September, we began work on Extreme AC’s vehicle wraps and graphics for commercial fleets in Anaheim, CA. The first custom wrap went on a Ford City Van. Shortly after, our team focused on commercial truck wraps for Utility Body Trucks. However, we were not done. The latest graphics product is a heavy-duty stake bed truck that would be instrumental for delivering materials and equipment to installation sites.

heavy duty truck wraps and graphics in anaheim, ca

Third 3M Commercial Truck Wrap for Extreme AC

Our graphic artist used the same design we had previously developed for the other vehicles. We tailored it to fit the different size and scale of the heavy-duty truck. Finally, we installed the product and ensured that it would feature brand continuity for the fleet. Now, when the trucks and vans are on the road, they advertise for the business and get the company’s name out. 

Top 5 Benefits of Fleet Vehicle Wraps

Commercial truck wraps and graphics in anaheim, ca

Businesses that use company vehicles as part of their operations have a unique opportunity to take advantage of the benefits that wraps offer. We have narrowed it down to five compelling reasons you should consider using fleet vehicle wraps for your car, truck, or van, too.

  1. Brand recognition. Full and partial vehicle wraps function as moving billboards for your business. They increase brand visibility and recognition as your cars, trucks, or vans travel through various locations. As a result, potential customers remember your brand and might contact you when they need your products or services.
  2. Budget-friendly advertising. Compared to traditional advertising methods like billboards or TV commercials, vehicle wraps offer a cost-effective way to reach a broad audience. Once installed, wraps last several years, providing continuous advertising without recurring expenses.
  3. Professional appearance. Prospective customers are watching. A fleet of vehicles with cohesive and well-designed wraps presents a professional image for your business. It tells consumers that your company is established, trustworthy, and pays attention to detail. In a competitive field, these are essential elements.
  4. Vehicle protection. We do not talk about it a lot, but wraps not only serve as marketing tools but also protect your vehicles’ paintwork from scratches, UV damage, and other wear and tear. When the wrap is eventually removed, the underlying paint will typically be in excellent condition, which can be important for resale value. If you rely on up-trading your fleet vehicles, this is a serious consideration.
  5. Targeted marketing. You can customize vehicle wraps to display specific messages or promotions. In this way, tailor your marketing efforts to different locations or events. For example, you can highlight seasonal promotions, advertise new products, or showcase your contact information for specific regions.

3M commercial truck wraps and graphics in anaheim, ca

Incorporating vehicle wraps and graphics for commercial fleets in Anaheim, CA, into your marketing strategy can be a smart investment. Find out how we can customize a versatile and eye-catching graphics product to promote your business while protecting your vehicles. Call us today!

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