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Self-Funding Fleet Wraps for Commercial Trucks and Vans in Orange County, CA!

 Sep 25, 2023

Our team routinely designs, produces, and installs fleet wraps for commercial trucks and vans in Orange County, CA. Our newest client, Extreme AC, tackles commercial and residential projects in the OC and beyond.

ford transit connect vinyl wraps in orange county, ca

Custom Designed Vinyl Wraps for Transit Vans

The client brought us the first of five vehicles to treat. This one was a Ford City Van. Our graphic artist adapted the wrap’s design to fit several vehicle types. Doing so is advantageous because the business uses full-size vans but also pickup trucks as part of its fleet. We can typically achieve this goal by leaving a bit of flexibility in the sizing of the core elements, like the logo and contact details.

The rest of the wrap adapts easily to various autobody types. Examples include the switch in color patterns, the inclusion of a gradient color change, and the sizing of graphics like decorative pieces or photos. The finished product creates a memorable fleet presentation, consistent across multiple vehicles, and suitable for brand advertising.

custom designed vinyl wraps for transit vans in orange county, ca

What are Fleet Wraps?

These commercial van wraps, truck decals, and car products are imprinted vinyl billboards that advertise your company. Besides that, they help customers connect your brand with the products or services the company represents. Because you wrap multiple vehicles in similar – or identical graphic products – the business capitalizes on the increased exposure. As a result, advertising with fleet wraps for trucks, vans, and cars is far less expensive than putting up ads using other media.

Uniformity is Not a Requirement for Custom-Designed Vinyl Wraps

It is a common misconception that your fleet must have numerous work vehicles. Similarly, you do not have to use vehicles that are identical in make and model. Fleets can be as small as two vehicles. Also, as we did for this client, we can adapt full or partial wraps to fit on a variety of different cars, trucks, or vans. Moreover, we can wrap other types of vehicles, including golf carts, boats, and even motorcycles and recreational vehicles.

Getting Started on Your New Fleet Wraps for Commercial Trucks and Vans in Orange County, CA

Do you already have a set of specs we can use? These are typically preferred fonts, color codes, and graphics. Our team incorporates them into the design of your vehicle wrap template. Conversely, our graphic artist can work with you on putting together an entirely new display. Concurrently, we gladly assist you with creating a brand logo and combining a corporate color palette.

van wraps in orange county, ca

You do not need a finished design on paper for us to proceed. We work with you to find a look that encapsulates your brand so it is uniquely recognizable. Getting started is as easy as connecting with our shop. Call us today to schedule a design appointment!

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