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Vehicle Wrap Advertises for Tustin Law Firm – Mile After Mile!

 Feb 14, 2020

The OC Accident Law Firm welcomes its clients at 17341 Irvine Boulevard in Suite 250. It specializes in work-related and other personal injuries. Because the management team understands the importance of joining the mobile marketing revolution, a representative contacted Superior Signs and Graphics to discuss the installation of a partial car wrap in Tustin CA.

Putting the Law Firm’s Lexus into the Marketing and Branding Business

Partial Car Wrap in Tustin CA

We worked with the management team to put together a partial car wrap in Tustin CA that would incorporate the vehicle’s original white color to its fullest advantage. At the same time, it was imperative that the blue tones of the brand color would come through. A three-quarter wrap was ideally suited to reach this goal.

Car Wraps for Attorneys

Our graphic artist custom-designed a blue wrap product that takes up the rear 75 percent of the vehicle. The bumper introduces the law firm’s website address. It is interesting to note that we added this information to all sides of the car. On the doors, we feature the corporate name and logo alongside a bilingual call to action. On the hood of the vehicle, we repeated the corporate mention and added the phone number.

Now, you cannot help but notice the information that identifies the law firm. The partial vehicle wrap looks elegant, even as it is functional. Best of all, it expertly incorporates the car’s base color into the mix, which adds to the visual aesthetics of the design.

Any Business Can Benefit from the Installation of a Vehicle Wrap

Partial vehicle wraps in Orange County CA

You do not have to manage a law firm to know that vehicle wraps are catching the attention of consumers. Not surprisingly, they are becoming by far the norm on Orange County’s streets. Contractors, service providers, and retailers advertise their products or services while also encouraging brand awareness among consumers. And we are 3M Preferred Vinyl Wrap Installers!

Choose a Wrap that Suits Your Style and Budget

Vehicle wraps for lawyers in Tustin CA

It is a common misconception that you always have to invest in a full wrap to reap the benefits of this marketing and branding medium. This is not the case. Granted, a full wrap opens the door to plenty of room for featuring your message. Best of all, you can capitalize on larger vehicles by displaying different types of products on the sides.

However, you may be the ideal client for a partial wrap product. This might take up a quarter, half, or three quarters of your car, truck, or van. Our specialist can assist with the design of the product. Although some clients visit our sign shop with specs they received from an advertising firm, others have little more than a few sketches they made themselves. We can work with either scenario.

Get a Partial Car Wrap in Tustin, CA!

Custom designed partial vehicle wraps in Tustin CA

Have we piqued your interest in finding out how your business could enter the mobile marketing revolution? Now is a great time to discuss your thoughts with our experts. Whether you have one vehicle or a fleet that you want to see treated, we can help. Call us today to learn more about your options!

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