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All State Police Equipment Company “Shoots” Up the Competition with Banner Stands in Pomona CA!

 May 11, 2014
Event banner stands Pomona CA

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Who says that star shooters do not know how to have a good time? The All State Police Equipment Company, which is located at 2821 Metropolitan Place in Pomona, is getting ready to host its “Steel Challenge” on May 15th and 16th. This team shooting competition is an all-day event that welcomes participants who are ready to test their mettle and compete against one another and against other teams. With three ranges, a tactical course and a number of vendor challenges, this is the kind of event that draws a crowd.

When it came time to order the event banner stands for Pomona, CA, that would be used for the competition, the All State Police Equipment Company contacted Superior Signs and Graphics. We created 16 banners for them as well as a scoreboard for their upcoming “Steel Challenge.” We did seven large banner stands using the “X-tension” style. This particular stand uses a frame that creates an X behind the banner.  We also did mini versions of the banners for table top use but chose the “L-Tension” style stands for those so that they could be more easily anchored down if wind would become a factor. After all, this is an outdoor competition.

Charity event banner stands Pomona CA

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How about you? Do you need some competition banner stands for Pomona, CA, events? You do not have to host a major shooting competition to enhance the enjoyment of attendees at your next planned event. Church groups, non-profit organizations, businesses and even municipalities frequently hold competitions among members and visitors. Proper signage plays a big role in the successful nature of the even.

  • Safety. A shooting competition calls for superior safety measures. Yet even a sack hop race at the local church does have a few safety hazards of its own. It is always a good idea to indicate where lines form, the spot beyond which only participant may step and the areas where children require guardianship by an adult to proceed.
  • Wayfinding. Help your attendees to locate the different events with ease. Point them to the concessions stand where they may purchase food and also to the children’s area – if you have one – where the younger set can find some games to play. Wayfinding signs are furthermore important for locating amenities, such as restrooms, and the locations of first aid stations.
  • Sponsor recognition. The “Steel Challenge” proudly honors its three main sponsors Safariland, Heckler & Koch as well as Streamlight. Whom do you want to thank for donating to your event? Who made goods or services available to your group so that you could host a successful event? Saying a big thank you to your sponsors via easily visible markers ensures the goodwill of these companies. Next time that you want to hold a similar event, they will most likely support you again.
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Are you ready to get started with the signage for your next event? Our experienced graphic artists are looking forward to supplying you with banner stands, flags, customized banners and any other type of marker that will make attendees at your event more comfortable and safer.

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