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Value Priced Wall Logo Signs for Pilates Businesses in Orange County, CA!

 Mar 22, 2021

Core Town Pilates is ready to welcome new customers. Offering mat and circuit Pilates as well as private lessons, the studio works with beginners and those who have done the exercises for decades. The owner contacted our sign shop to order budget-friendly wall logo signs in Orange County CA.

Two Wall Logo Signs Impress Pilates Participants

Wall Logo Signs in Orange County CA

Core Town Pilates’ owner was excited to move the classes from a home setting to a commercial space. As is essential for any business, this studio needed a brand-focused logo wall sign that would assist with building the brand and helping customers feel welcomed.

wall decals and 3d logos in orange ca

To save money on the product, the owner worked with our graphic artist on the signage design. We recommended that the dots, which are part of the brand message, should be done as vinyl decals to create a background for three-dimensional letters.

Next, we suggested selecting half-inch-thick PVC for the letters themselves, which is less expensive than using acrylic. We painted the letters in the studio’s custom color, which also matches the blue dots. When we arrived for the installation, we started with applying the dots to the wall and overlaying the lettering next.

3d wall logos in santa ana ca

Now, visitors notice the two-tone sign as they enter. We also repeated a display using the dots to offset the studio’s first letter presentation. It is an additional brand-building step that will resonate well with customers. So, using two wall logo signs in Orange County CA will help boost brand name identity!

How to Save Money on Your Lobby Sign

wall graphics and 3d logos in anaheim ca

Yes, you can afford a lobby sign. Far too often, business owners try to cut corners here. You do not have to fall into any of the traps they have dealt with. Here is how you can really save money on the next lobby sign you order.

  • Schedule a design appointment. It may sound counter-productive, but working with our specialist opens the door to savings you might not have thought of. We offer material options and design steps that could save you quite a bit of money.
  • Be open to discussing alternative materials. Everyone knows acrylic and metal. However, if these materials are not in your budget, you can still have a great sign. We can work with PVC or sign foam. If you have your heart set on metal, consider the design of a sign with a foam body and thin metal laminate. It looks like the real deal, but you pay pennies on the dollar.
  • Let us think outside the box for you. Sign design is another great way to realize savings. For example, layering foam is a fantastic way for producing an impressive 3D sign that features back, middle, and foreground elements. Moreover, adding vinyl graphics to the mix is an excellent method for producing a brand-centric backdrop for the signage.

Ready to Buy Wall Logo Signs in Orange County, CA?

Superior Signs and Graphics wants to help. Whether you run a Pilates studio, jewelry store, small business, retail establishment, or service business, we can help. No job is too small or too big for our team. Most importantly, our technicians focus their attention on saving you money on all types of products – not just the lobby signs. Contact us today to get started!

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