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VA Clinic Takes Advantage of Monument Sign Refurbishing

 Apr 11, 2016

Located at 25828 Redlands Boulevard, the Redlands VA Clinic serves the healthcare needs of America’s veterans. This clinic relied on a monument sign to welcome those needing services as well as their families. Over the course of the years, the sign became weathered and worn. Finally, the VA’s administration contacted us to discuss our services related to monument sign refurbishing in Orange County, CA.

Monument Sign Refurbishing in Orange County CA

Repair instead of replace!

We determined that we could help the organization. The sign is backlit, which means that we needed to revamp the panels covering the light sources. After working on it, the product now features the group’s white on blue color. The translucent vinyl lettering and graphics once again display crisp outlines. To ensure that the box matches the new panels, we painted it with a perfectly coordinated hue. The finished product looks pristine. It is hard to tell that we only refurbished the sign rather than completely replace it.

Who Refurbishes Monuments?

There are typically three scenarios when clients think about refurbishing monuments rather than replacing them.

Monument Sign Refacing Orange County CA

Refacing panels a budget-friendly idea!

  1. A sign is already present. A company that moves into an established property may consider the re-use of existing signage. When a monument is already part of the landscape, management teams frequently think to refurbish the existing marker rather than replace it.
  2. Component failure. When a sign’s parts near the ends of their useful lives, the company may consider renovating the entire product rather than just replacing or repairing one part. Doing so has the advantage of refreshing the sign’s overall appearance.
  3. Rebranding. Companies that re-brand frequently change color tones, logo displays or font selections. All signage needs an overhaul to reflect the new branding. It makes sense to refurbish a monument during that update as well.

Should I Refurbish the Monument on My Property?

Add translucent vinyl to monument panels in Orange County CA

We can help with your signage repairs!

Our technicians frequently hear this question. It is hard to determine simply by looking at a monument. The trick here is to get up close and personal with the product, check out the construction and verify that all components are still safe. No matter how dilapidated a sign may look, if its “bones” are good, it is possible to refurbish the monument at a cost that usually beats the price of a new signage installation. Conversely, if there is significant structural damage, your business may be better served by replacing the sign instead of spending more money on refurbishing.

Typical Monument Sign Refurbishing in Orange County, CA

When our technicians visit your location to refurbish a sign, here are some tasks that we might perform.

  • Cleaning. We remove any debris or detritus from the interior of the monument. At that time, we make small repairs to any boxes or other structural components.
  • Lighting. We verify that the illumination works well. If we need to replace any parts, we do it when the sign is open.
  • Cosmetic fixes. Painting the exterior of box cabinets, power washing a brick base and similar tasks are the types of cosmetic fixes that give the sign a new lease on life.
  • Replacement. Whether you need the panels of a box cabinet to be replaced with new acrylic, require new dimensional letters or are exchanging a box assembly with channel lettering, this is the primary task of any refurbishing job.

Contact us today to schedule a visit to your location for an estimate of what it would take to refurbish your monument.

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