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Professional Lobby Signs for Title Companies in Orange County CA

 Apr 10, 2016

Find Trilogy Escrow at 500 South Kraemer Boulevard in Brea. This group of experts came to us because of a referral from Reliance Real Estate. You may remember the logo lobby signs and conference room displays we did for this Fullerton business. When we met with the friendly folks from Trilogy, we discussed the best approach to take when designing lobby signs for title companies in Orange County, CA.

Professional lobby signs for title companies in Orange County CA

Brushed metal lobby signs offer a professional look!

The client opted for a combination product. We manufactured the logo as well as the lettering from durable sign foam. To add pizzazz to the lobby sign, we treated the fronts of the letters and symbol with brushed metal laminates. The resulting look bespeaks sophistication and professionalism. Our technicians installed the letters flush to the wall, which allows the depth of the foam to create a bit of a shadow play that is very attractive to the eye and adds further intensity to the branding message the sign conveys.

A Closer Look at Foam

It is fair to say that sign foam is one of the most versatile products that we currently have in the industry.

Professional Lobby Signs for Escrow Companies in Orange County CA

Brand your lobby sign with your logo!

  • Indoor and outdoor uses. The material comes with two ratings that differentiate the products you would present on an interior wall from those that are suitable for building sign displays.
  • Multiple manufacturing options. We can cut, carve, sandblast, route or machine the foam. Doing so allows us to create dimensional letters, panel displays, and shingles showing in the old-world style.
  • Color options. Painting foam is possible. Another way of adding your particular company color look to the material is the use of a vinyl overlay that features gradient color changes, imprinted symbols, and similar style elements. Adding acrylic or metal overlays is a common practice for lobby signs.

Did you know that there are full signage products that manufacturers pre-fabricate with little more than foam? Cases in point are monument signs that show off a myriad of heights and styles. They mimic the appearance of bricks, river rocks and even lumber. The latter is a sure testament to the versatility that foam brings to the table.

Is Foam Right for You?

The budget-friendly nature of foam signage makes it an excellent product for new start-ups and businesses that need to keep a close eye on their marketing budgets. Even companies with deeper pockets appreciate the adaptability of the material. Incorporating secondary signage materials like metal and acrylic is ideal for presenting with a dramatic look inside a lobby. Office or store owners who do business in historic buildings understand that metal signage, once it reaches a certain depth, may be too heavy for some wall structures. Foam, on the other hand, is lightweight and safely installs to all surfaces.

Whether you need lobby signs for title companies in Orange County, CA, or for service businesses in and around Los Angeles County, discuss your plans with one of our graphic artists. We can show you what a foam sign would look like and allow you to see the signage through the eyes of a first-time visitor to your space. Of course, if you decide that you prefer a different material, we can help you with that, too. Contact us today to start the design process.

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