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Using Wall Graphics for Restaurants in Orange County CA

 Nov 24, 2015

How could you change the look and feel of your restaurant if you were to incorporate wall graphics? Whether you select murals or decals, the display of these types of decorative touches has the power of altering the ways consumers perceive your locale overnight. If you have had the nagging feeling that something is off in the overall presentation of your business, exploring the use of wall graphics for restaurants in Orange County, CA, may be just what your company needs!

Restaurant Wall Murals Set the Tone for Consumer Experiences

Restaurant Wall Murals County CA

Great to show off popular food and drink choices!

If you feature a salad bar and juicing station, would it not make sense that murals showing off freshly sliced fruits could make a difference in the atmosphere of your eatery? We recently completed this type of wall enhancement for a space. It featured backlit, oversized slices of oranges and kiwis. To sum up the overall impression of the design, the word “fresh” immediately pops into mind. When this is the kind of instant reaction you want your guests to have, this type of mural may be ideal for your setting, too.

Artwork that Combines an Image with a Message

Custom restaurant wall murals Orange County CA

Welcome the hungry with wall graphics!

Placed on a gray background, the black image of a fish skeleton combines with the message, “Eat more fish.” We integrated this piece of wall art into the décor of the restaurant. Not only does it hint at what guests might find on the menu, but the display is also a marketing message that says, “Buy me” without actually spelling it out in so many words. Making product suggestions to your guests has the potential to lead to an exploration of menu items that consumers might otherwise not have thought of investigating.

Wall Collage Adds Local Color

Wall Graphics for Restaurants in Orange County

Put city elements on your walls!

Give your restaurant a decidedly local flavor by displaying a wall collage with iconic landmarks of your area. Include images that feature signs of local businesses, street signs, cultural attractions and infrastructure. Keep it local by focusing just on your city or expand to include all of Orange County in this display. We have had excellent success with the combination of a graphics collection that has an even outer border but features uneven image edges on the interior of the picture compilation. This look enhances the visual appeal of the artwork.

Wall Wraps Replace the Paint Brush

Wall Murals for Restaurants in Orange County CA

Brand with wall murals!

Our discussion of wall graphics for restaurants in Orange County, CA, would be incomplete without also mentioning wall wraps. The use of this technology ensures that you are free from relying on the combination of standard paint or wallpaper options with dust-catching decorative items. Rather than following the traditional setup of so many other bistros, diners or pizzerias, the wall wrap succeeds in changing the atmosphere of an entire setting overnight. When only a dramatic change of your venue’s appearance will do, this is the product to consider for your space.

At Superior Signs and Graphics, we understand that making dramatic visual enhancements to your business can seem like a daunting proposition. Discuss your plans and concerns with our graphic artists to learn more about the processes involved and see sketches of the proposed products before actually committing to the displays.

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