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Update Your Message with Mall Signs and Graphics in Buena Park!

 Sep 03, 2015

When you need mall signs and graphics in Buena Park, you need something that not only appeals to a broad range of consumers but also works well within the setting of the shopping center where your store is located. There are numerous options for merchants that include the types of markers you would include on the interior of the store as well as on the exterior.

Kiosk Graphics

Buena Park Mall Kiosk Graphics

Add graphics to your mall kiosk!

The kiosk displays your marketing message to consumers via a four-sided column. Located in the middle of the mall walkways, this is an excellent exposure option for your company. Select sturdy signage that attracts with its bold colors and displays your company’s name and logo. Opt for varied designs that each tell consumers a little more about your business. For example, My Gym succeeds at turning heads with a design setup that includes numbers, a clear niche display and contact information.

In-store Tenant Signs

Back lit displays for Buena Park Mall Tenants

Try a back-lit display in your mall store!

Framed posters, backlit displays and vinyl graphics for cases with glass panes are just some of the products that companies have chosen. Due to the use of large windows opening up to the mall walkways, shoppers notice these marketing tools that are inside the stores. Thus, their messages address not only the customers who are inside the stores making product selections, but they also address passersby who may be checking out the business from the outside. Additional signage options include wall and floor graphics as well as lobby signs.

Exterior Signage

Buena Park Mall Exterior Tenant Signs

Don’t forget your exterior sign!

One of the most important mall signs and graphics in Buena Park is the store marker. Even though you are not dealing with a building façade on a stand-alone building, you have an entrance way that separates your store’s interior from the mall. Above your entrance, a sign spelling out the name of your business markets the company. Select from dimensional letters or channel letters. Our graphic artists are well versed with the types of signs the local mall management company will permit. We work within these parameters to create an impressive display with the style elements of your logo and font.

Additional Signage Options

Point of purchase posters for Buena Park Mall tenants

Point of purchase posters great for Buena Park Mall tenants!

The experts at Superior Signs and Graphics routinely work with mall merchants who are setting up new stores within the structure or restaurants as well as entertainment venues on the exterior. We assist with the selection of the right signage types that appeal to shoppers in a rush just as they do to leisurely buyers who are making a day out of visiting the venue. Combinations of store name signs and posters, or store names and window graphics, are highly successful and catch the eyes of passersby.

When you need mall signs and graphics in Buena Park that bespeak a narrow niche, we can help you there, too. Our graphic artists work with the artwork that you already have on hand or help you to create something completely new from scratch. The sketches we show you will be in compliance with the mall management’s signage rules, which greatly increases the speed with which you received the finished products. Finally, our technicians visit your venue and professionally install the signage.

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