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Sun Hing Foods Adds Aluminum Composite Building Sign

 Aug 17, 2015

Not too long ago, Sun Hing Foods contacted our signage makers to design and manufacture an anti-graffiti sign that we then installed to the fence. Measuring four feet by eight feet, it helps with wayfinding. That said, the company’s management team realized that it did not have a good logo presentation on its actual building. For this reason, our graphic artists once again met with the company’s representatives to create a new sign.

Aluminate Composite Building Signs for Orange County

Aluminate composite building signs Orange County

Aluminate composite signs attractive and sturdy!

This sign measures five feet by six feet. It is a contour-cut wall marker that displays the company’s logo. Other logo displays on the façade only measure two feet by two feet, which underscores the need for an eye-catching signage product mounted near the front door. Now, this sign brands the company and advertises it while also fulfilling wayfinding functions. The presence of this product greatly enhances the overall look of the facility.

Adding Building Signs to Your Venue

Even if consumers know where they are going and what company they are doing business with, it makes sense to add building signage that identifies your business. You have plenty of options open to you. A flat aluminum composite sign is budget-friendly and makes it easy for visitors to identify your location. We either paint the material or add a vinyl overlay with your digitally imprinted information.

Another option is the display of dimensional letters. If you do not need your façade display to be confined to a smaller area, the lettering spells out your company’s information in your chosen colors. Foam, acrylic, aluminum and PVC are among the materials our business clients regularly choose from. Your taste and budget are usually the deciding factors in this selection.

Exterior panel signs Orange County

This exterior sign shows off their logo nicely!

When you want to use the type of signage you see so frequently in mall settings, your options include lightbox cabinets and channel letters. Both feature aluminum construction with polycarbonate or acrylic facings. The box cabinet is a good option when you want to display more than just your company’s name. Both signage solutions come in lit and unlit versions. Channel letters offer you a bit more versatility in this scenario since they permit the light to escape from the front or the back.

Ordering Your Signage Today

Contact our graphic artists for more information on the selection of the right exterior wall signs in Orange County. We work with you to discover a look that is just right for you and your venue. If you operate a franchise, we gladly work with your franchisor to get the specs needed to design signage in accordance with your agreement.

Graffiti-free signs Orange County

Another look at their graffiti-free fence sign!

When you are just starting out in business, our artists can help you to create a look that expertly markets and brands your company. For those in the process of re-branding, consider working with our technicians to see how small tweaks to your existing building sign’s color and font could make a huge difference. Call us today to get started. We look forward to scheduling your client consultation.

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