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Giving Children Hope Rebrands With Banners, Truck Wraps, and Truck Decals!

 Aug 13, 2015

If you are familiar with the work we do for Giving Children Hope, you already know that we recently designed, manufactured and installed a box truck wrap for the vehicle that will be transporting backpacks and food to Southern California kids in need of some assistance prior to school starting up. Right around the completion of this project, we also took on some additional work for the non-profit organization. Being in the midst of rebranding, the group needed to make some sign changes.

Rebranding Signs for Nonprofits in Buena Park, CA

Vinyl Truck Decals Orange County

Vinyl truck decals!

We started out with a backdrop banner. The black backdrop depicts a light colored picture of the world map. At the top, it features the group’s name and logo. Giving Children Hope uses this banner as a photo background during fundraising and other events. It allows donors, celebrities and community supporters to have their pictures taken in front of the organization’s identifying information.

Next, we tackled the design, manufacture and installation of large decals depicting the rebranded name and logo, which are for the box trucks the organization uses. Rolling out a rebranded image is easy when you use mobile advertising. The new logo also greets visitors to the building via a building banner. Although this is only a temporary signage product, it serves to draw the attention of passersby and visitors. They now learn about the group’s new look.

Banners for nonprofits in Orange County

Branding-building banner!

Another signage product we worked on was a collection of retractable banner stands. Featuring the new logo, they emphasize the work of the organization with brief informative text boxes discussing global and local operations. These types of banners are ideal for the display in a lobby, conference room, trade show or community event where Giving Children Hope is present.

The Art and Science of Rebranding

When you compare the organization’s prior logo and name display, the first thing you notice after the rebranding are bold, vivid colors that make the display pop. The old logo was blue with some black accents. The new logo features strong colors and a large bolded display of the word “Hope.”

Retractable Banner Stands Orange County

Retractable banner stands!

When you are thinking of rebranding your business, you are probably hoping to catch the attention of those folks who have thus far been walking past your displays or venue. Businesses frequently take this step when their color and font selections are outdated. Considering that many companies have been in business for more than a decade, it makes sense that the color and display appeal that worked well ten years ago is no longer on the cutting edge of what consumers want to see in an innovative thought leader today.

Nonprofit box truck wraps Orange County

The box truck wrap!

Making the Move to New Signage

When it comes to rebranding signs, Orange County business owners know that it does not have to be difficult. At Superior Signs and Graphics, we routinely work with company managers and business owners who want to update their looks to stay in step with consumer demand. We work with you to make tweaks to your logo and company name’s looks. If needed, we can also assist you with changes that are more extensive in the way you present your company to consumers. Call us today to get started.

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