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Signs & Graphics to Help Orange County Schools Open Safely in Fall 2020!

 Sep 28, 2020

Schools are finally re-opening! Of course, coming back into the classroom will look different this fall. Administrators are working diligently to keep students and staff members safe from COVID-19. Superior Signs and Graphics is at the forefront of providing the necessary COVID-19 signs and graphics for Orange County schools.

Signage Educates about Changing Practices

COVID-19 School signs and graphics in Orange County

Returning to school in person looks different this year. However, students may be confused about what this means. Moreover, teachers might fear the challenge of enforcing a variety of new rules. Therefore, having the right signage on hand is instrumental in supporting staff members and helping learners.

Graphics Products That Help Schools Re-Open

Social Distancing Floor Decals for Schools in Orange County CA

When students were dismissed in March, they had no idea that schools would close for months. Some learners are fearful of what to expect now. Others are looking forward to going back. With the right signs and graphics, you can help students make an easy transition back to in-person learning in the time of COVID.

Floor Decals for Social Distancing for Schools in Orange County

Social distancing floor decals. Non-slip, UL-rated laminate is the ideal marker that keeps learners six feet apart. Because students line up for class, restroom breaks, and lunch, it is essential to keep them apart. While teacher reminders are excellent, actually marked spots on the ground are ideal. Featuring footprints, these long-lasting floor stickers are great for readers and non-readers alike.

COVID-19 Prevention Signs for Schools in Orange County

COVID-19 prevention signs. Vinyl decals are excellent products to use for hand-washing procedure reminders. Moreover, these signs help students recognize symptoms of the condition that can result in an early withdrawal from class. Therefore, the risk of outbreaks is lowered considerably. Place these decals on tiles, glass surfaces, doors, and bathroom stalls. We also make these signs out of aluminum and acrylic.

COVID-19 Temperature Check Signs for Schools in Orange County CA

Temperature checkpoints. Frequently, these locations are at the entrances to the schools. Many venues like to use these spaces to reiterate the common coronavirus symptoms. While you might use window graphics, corrugated plastic signs are more durable and movable. We also offer A-frame temperature check signage. They could be excellent for situations when you might move the temperature checkpoint to suit student behavior.

School Sneeze Guard Shields in Orange County CA

Sneeze guard shields. Clear acrylic shields protect teachers, students, and office staff members. They enable in-class interactions that are personal yet safe. Our shop manufactures them with reach-through openings and without.

How to Buy COVID-19 Signs and Graphics for Orange County Schools This Year

Custom COVID-19 Signs for Schools in Buena Park CA

Time is of the essence. Although we are fully staffed, it is critical that you get your orders in now. That said, we have several school re-opening signs that are already pre-designed. If you do not need extensive customization, we might even have signage on the shelf right now that we can install before the students are coming back.

Moreover, you may find after school re-opens that you need additional signage solutions. The first few days help identify bottlenecks that form in the mornings and afternoons. Besides that, the return to campus will show what the learners have the most challenging time adjusting to. As a result, you want your signage to target these behaviors, and we can help.

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