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When Do I Need a Sign Permit in Fullerton CA?

 Jul 17, 2014
Sign Permits for Fullerton CA

Learn the rules, exceptions and special considerations

Sign permits for Fullerton, CA, businesses can be a bit tricky. There are a lot of rules, exceptions and special considerations. Make a mistake here, and you lose valuable time that you could be spending catering to your customers or clients. To make this process a bit easier to understand, the experienced signage makers at Superior Signs and Graphics have put together a rules guide FAQ for Fullerton-area residents.

When do I need a sign permit in Fullerton, CA? It may be easier to answer this by pointing out the exemptions. Assume that you need to go through the permitting process when the sign is visible from the outside of a building. One notable exemption is offered to signage “identifying construction projects” if there is work going on. Charitable or religious organizations may also find some exemptions for identification signs.

Are there signs that are just plainly forbidden? Fullerton does not allow rotating signs or those that in some way mimic official traffic markers displaying the words “stop” or “danger.”

Do I need a permit for a banner? Even though the city does not require a permit for a sign that will be displayed for 30 or fewer days, it does demand that banners go through the permitting process. The entity in charge of reviewing your application is the Director of Development Services.

Do I need a temporary sign permit in Fullerton CA

What about temporary signs?

Are there rules governing the setup of monument signs? Yes, there are. You may have one monument sign for every 300 feet of property connecting to the street. Of course, there are size limitations in keeping with the size of your lot.

Do I need the property owner to agree to my signage? Yes, you do. In fact, plenty of leasing companies have rules and regulations that you must meet before their agents agree to sign off on your permit application. The City of Fullerton does not accept a permit application unless the property owner issues written consent.

Sign permits for monument signs in Fullerton CA

Yes, there are rules for monument signs!

Can’t I just order a sign on the Internet? You could, of course, choose to order a sign online. The problem arises when it is not built in accordance with the Uniform Building Code, which regulates the use of working stresses and stabilizers. Installation demands that certain clearances are observed, which the Code sets forth. Moreover, if there are electrical components to the marker, the wiring and connectors must pass muster with the provisions of the Fullerton Electrical Code. This is not something that you can hope to get from an Internet company.

This is confusing; can someone help me? Yes, we can. We are experienced signage makers and have pulled many a permit to put up signs in Fullerton. We know what the city developers are looking for and the types of markers that almost always get rejected. If you want to save time, hassle and money, talk to us first about your signage. We can help you get a landlord signature and also advise you on the permitting process. In fact, we gladly handle the whole thing for you – including the code-compliant installation.

As a commercial sign company located in Fullerton, learn more on how we can help!

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