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Showroom Wall Graphics Display High-End RV Trailers in Buena Park, CA!

 Apr 19, 2021

MDC is an established client that is taking advantage of vinyl’s marketing and branding potential. In the recent past, we worked for the client by putting together custom vinyl graphics for utility trailers and perforated window graphics for product advertising. Because the client is now outfitting its sales space, the management team contacted us once more to order showroom wall graphics in Orange County, CA.

Vinyl-Clad PVC Panels Put Shoppers in the Mood to Buy

Showroom wall graphics in Orange County CA

Our technicians began with 5’ x 10’ PVC panels that we cut from the material. We then imprinted high-definition graphics with a matte finish. By placing them on the PVC, our specialists created durable display pieces.

The images selected for each panel are particular models of trailers in their elements. Customers see the trailers against the backdrops of beaches, woods, or desert landscapes. In this way, shoppers can envision themselves vacationing with one of the trailer models.

Wall Graphics for Showrooms in Buena Park CA

Our installers mounted the PVC panels with brushed aluminum wall caps and anchors that give the products a fancy look. Of course, it is not just about the great looks. This installation technique empowers the company’s management team to change the graphics when the business adds new models or uses different element scenes.

Forward-Looking Sign Setups Save Our Clients Money

showroom wall graphics in long beach ca

Superior Signs and Graphics works diligently to help clients save money on their signage purchases. We take a forward-looking attitude that factors in business growth, future moves, or planned expansions. Moreover, our technicians work with signage products that are already on-site to upgrade them when our clients want to boost their branding and marketing.

  • 3D letters or panels. If you are unsure that you will remain in your office for any length of time, we recommend the design and installation of a lobby sign that is easy to remove and take to a new location. It saves you money and ensures that you have the right signage when you open again. Best options include flat-cut vinyl or metal.
  • Weight classes for foam. For the building sign, we work with a wide variety of materials. However, if you have a relatively short term left on your lease, consider sign foam with a lower density. It is far less expensive than its high-density counterparts but will last you about two to five years.
  • Vinyl overlays. Whenever a client wants to save money on signage, we recommend the use of vinyl overlays. Our technicians routinely re-skin PVC, metal, or acrylic sign panels with updated graphics, lettering, and messages. It is a quick process that uses the boards you already have, which means you only pay for the printed vinyl.

Let Us Help You with Showroom Wall Graphics in Orange County, CA

wall graphics for showrooms in buena park ca

Whether you sell cars, trailers, recreational vehicles, mattresses, or exercise equipment, you can engage your customers with customized showroom wall graphics in Orange County, CA, that help shoppers envision themselves using the products. Other pictures might highlight specific features that set your products apart from those sold by the competition. Please find out more about your choices by contacting our sign shop today!

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