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Showroom Logo Signs Highlight High-End Products that Costa Mesa Electronics Company Offers!

 Jan 16, 2017

Now located at 2318 Newport Boulevard, Glabman Technology Solutions (GTS) recently relocated from another city. Because outfitting a new corporate space is always a challenging undertaking, the company’s management team contacted our full-service sign shop for assistance. Our first project involved the production and installation of showroom logo signs in Cost Mesa, CA.

Lobby Logo signs for showrooms in Costa Mesa CA

Showroom logo signs reveal the brands you sell!

Since GTS is in the business of supplying living and corporate spaces with state of the art technology, it made sense to feature supplier logos at the entrance to the location. We used half-inch-thick black PVC to create outlines for nine distinct logos. Next, we custom-cut brushed metal faces that add elegance to the presentation. Going forward, the logos will feature brand explanations and tie in with GTS’ lobby sign display.

Co-branding Works

Co-branding is the art and science of displaying a company’s logo alongside the logos of some of its suppliers or brand names it represents. You frequently see this done in car dealerships where a brand-loyal vehicle seller displays the business’ symbol alongside the chosen vehicle type’s logo. In a retail setting, co-branding can take place when a grocery store owner puts the market’s logo next to a popular product’s label.

3D Logo Branding Signs for Lobbies in Orange County CA

3D Letters allow us to match font styles!

This setup generates product awareness, which only means that shoppers know where to find a particular product brand they like and want to buy. Rather than waiting for the consumer to locate the label on a shelf, the retailer ensures that the connection is disclosed up front and may, therefore, influence a buyer’s decision to visit a store in the first place.

Logo Sign Options

Take a page from the playbook of GTS and present your corporate brand information alongside logo signs of the products you represent. It is interesting to note that you do not even have to feature them in their corporate colors. The silhouette of the display is sufficient to evoke recognition in the consumer.

The same is not true for groceries or consumer goods that do not fit the high-end market description. It helps to present these logos in full color alongside yours. Some of our clients have had excellent success creating a lobby sign via a vinyl overlay on transparent acrylic. Next, adding colorful decals of the brands they represent around this appearance makes a great impression and quickly gets the point across. Another presentation option is the addition of die-cut vinyl graphics to the wall area surrounding the lobby sign.

When you decide to present this information on posters, you have all the makings of an effective point of purchase (POP) sign. Place it next to the advertised products to heighten name recognition and brand awareness. You might also take this presentation to the window panes via vinyl graphics that present informative displays for passersby.

Order Showroom Logo Signs in Cost Mesa, CA

Contact our visual artists to discuss your co-branding preference. We help you decide on the look that is right for your business and your setting. Also, we assist you with the selection of the materials and colors. Call us today to discuss your project!

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