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Sunny Hills HS Adds New Signage to Performing Arts Center in Fullerton

 Jan 20, 2015

Located at 1801 Warburton Way, Sunny Hills High School is one of Fullerton’s national blue ribbon schools as well as a California distinguished school. When it first opened its doors in 1959, Sunny Hills committed to give each student an earnest chance at academic and life successes. At this time, the venue serves about 2,265 students. Among strong academics, these learners also have the opportunity to participate in the Conservatory of the Fine Arts (COFA). Currently, some 500 are members and learn music, dance and fine arts.

High School Entrance Signs Fullerton CA

Vibrant new sign shows off COFA Center!

The professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics got the call to assist with the design and manufacture of various high school signs. Fullerton, CA, members of the school’s administration as well as local alums championed the idea of enhancing the overall appearance of the signage on campus. We began with the COFA sign for the entrance to the center. In the past, a faded banner had been bolted to the façade. The difficulty with any type of signage installation in this setting is the number of protruding metal bars that are part of the roof’s setup.

School Entrance Sign and Wall Graphics

Could we work around this challenge? You bet! We mounted studs and bolted a three-foot by 10-foot marker crafted from 3mm-thick aluminum composite. To add the impressive look of COFA’s logo, we covered the aluminum with laminated vinyl graphics. The resulting sign is welcoming, looks professional and adds a sleek touch of class to the entryway. The next signage product we tackled was the entrance wall to the dance studio. Dance production members train at this facility.

School building signs Fullerton CA

New signage boosts school pride!

The smooth concrete of the wall was a perfect substrate for the application of Arlon high-tack cast vinyl. The marker spells out “dance production” and includes the silhouette of a ballet dancer. The school’s administration was pleased with our high school wall graphics. Fullerton, CA, students appreciate the beautification of the campus while parents and alumni have renewed pride in the COFA programs. Everyone liked the fact that we got these markers done quickly and without disturbing the flow of foot traffic.

Inspire Your Students!

While this is just one example of the types of projects our professionals take on, it brings up the very real importance of having superior signage products on local school campuses.

  • Professionalism. Our schools are teaching children about succeeding in the professional world after graduation. Thus, we must ensure that they understand the full meaning of professionalism, which combines a certain appearance with skills and character values.
  • Inspiration. Signage also has the power of giving young learners a vision for their future. They can inspire the strife for excellence with written messages as well as graphics that appeal to the youngest students.
  • Assistance. Whether it is wayfinding or just a reminder of school rules, signage makes it possible to help new learners to fit in seamlessly, find their ways around the campus and also remember the rules that might be new for them or difficult to remember.
Wall Graphics for Schools in Fullerton CA

Great wall graphics mark the dance department!

Call our friendly professionals today to learn more about our products for schools. Find out about our budget-friendly signage packages and learn just how quickly we can accommodate all of your marker needs.

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