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Car Dealer Adds Exterior Safety Panel Sign in Orange County!

 Jan 06, 2015

Loyal readers of this blog already know that the professionals at Superior Signs and Graphics value our working relationship with DeLillo Chevrolet. In the past, we created a courtesy shuttle vehicle wrap for the dealership. The forward-thinking management team at DeLillo liked the idea of using a surfer image to brand the Orange County locale. But we did not stop there. We also created double-sided banner signs for the dealership’s street-facing poles. They now advertise the business’s body shop and its free estimate policy.

Safety signs for car dealers in Orange County

Keep drivers and pedestrians safe!

Just recently, we go another call from the dealership’s management team. Having seen some car dealer safety signs, Orange County based DeLillo wanted us to manufacture one for them as well. Located at the entrance to the collision center’s driveway, we installed a three-sided marker. On the two sides that face the street, the marker advertises the collision center’s services and once again highlights the company’s free estimates policy. On the side that faces the exit of the center, the sign urges motorists to watch out for pedestrians using the sidewalk. It also features a message thanking customers for their business.

We used the same blue color that is now associated with DeLillo. At the same time, the warning message is printed on yellow with black. Doing so has allowed the dealership to enhance safety around its property as well as near the entrance to the street. Are you thinking of doing something similar? Perhaps you need the types of car dealer exterior signs Orange County professionals are now commissioning? Or maybe you are in need of safety markers that will enhance the experience your customers have on your property?

We can help. We offer a wide variety of dealership and safety signs that suit all types of businesses.

Car Dealership Safety Signs Orange County

Graphics on all sides direct and ensure safety!

  • Mobile advertising. Vehicle wraps, lettering and vinyl decals turn your courtesy shuttles into mobile marketing billboards. Identify the name of your dealership and highlight the availability of this type of service at your venue. When you also have a parts truck, remember to underscore your special deals and offers.
  • Safety signage. Slip and fall markers, evacuation plans, step up reminders and caution signage are crucial in an environment where pedestrians and motorists mix. Take a page from the playbook of DeLillo and ask us to customize your safety signage, which allowed this dealership to market and caution with the same sign setup.
  • Outdoor signs. Floor graphics for the dealership’s lot, a monument sign, pole banners, feather flags and pole-mounted changeable message boards are just a few of the outdoor signage solutions that you can rely on to bring in the customers.

Call us today to get more information on these products and to get started on your order. We gladly answer all of your questions and also visit your location for a site survey. At that time, we take the needed measurements, learn more about your marketing and branding approaches, and also look over the artwork and color selections that you have already chosen. Next, we work up some sketches that show you what the proposed markers would look like before we even start with the manufacture.

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