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Comparing Window Graphic Materials For Orange County

 Sep 11, 2014

Windows are excellent places for your marketing messages. Whether you want to beautify the glass panes in the process or simply intend to focus on the branding, these surfaces can hold a variety of messages. When you are comparing window graphic materials for Orange County, consider function, cost and appearance.

Perforated Vinyl window graphics Orange County

The perforated look

Perforated vinyl

One of the more expensive graphics products, it is also one of the most effective ones. You and your customers can still look out from the inside, but those on the outside see an imprinted ad that covers the window. Advertise your dental office with a broad strip that goes across multiple window panes or select a full-sized products display that covers the entire window surface. If you want to give your customers a bit of privacy inside your storefront, this is also a great option to combine the privacy with marketing.

Translucent window graphics Orange County

The translucent look

Translucent vinyl

Not quite as costly as a perf, translucent vinyl diffuses the light somewhat on the inside. On the outside, it displays your branding message over larger surfaces. This is the type of product that you want to use on perhaps three quarters of your glass panes. It displays crisp lettering and graphics.

Frosted vinyl window graphics Orange County

The frosted vinyl look

Frosted vinyl

Close to the same price range as translucent vinyl, this product offers privacy and beautifully displays your company’s name and logo. This is not the product for extensive graphics but for an elegant look that mimics an etched glass appearance. Financial institutions, shipping agencies and other companies that either want to give privacy to clients or hide a bustling workshop will use this material.

Solid vinyl wndow graphics Orange County

The solid look

Solid vinyl

A great option for mall stores, solid vinyl completely blocks out the light and a view to the outside. In a mall, this is a plus since it allows a merchant to cut down on distractions from the outside of the store. While a perf requires you to use lighter colors, solid vinyl opens up the entire color palette for you. Blacks, dark browns and rich burgundy reds display just as well as whites, orange tones and light blue hues.

Vinyl letter window graphics Orange County

The vinyl lettering look

White lettering

Lettering is the least expensive window treatment. It fulfills numerous critical functions. It adds your company’s name and logo, perhaps the names of the primary service providers, offers phone numbers and also gives information about store or office hours.

So, how much do window graphics cost in Orange County? This is a question that the friendly window graphic material experts at Superior Signs and Graphics get a lot. In addition to your choice of vinyl product, the size of your window panes also plays a big role. We can easily answer your question and give you an estimate after we come out and do a site survey. We measure your windows, see what type of prep work is involved – is there an old window vinyl product that we need to remove first? – and check out the artwork that you already have on hand. If you need design services as well as the manufacture of the vinyl product, this also influences the price.

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