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Hair & Jewelry Business Brands with Window Graphics in Orange County

 Mar 03, 2015

Lilla Rose is a hair goods business that functions primarily via a network of consultants. Creating hair jewelry and the famous Flexi Hair Clip, the company now offers fitting accessories such as attractive badge clips and pins. Lilla Rose’s warehouse and shipping venue is located in La Habra. The venue does double-duty as a showcase of the company’s functionality during local trade shows and similar events. With another big convention just on the horizon, the company’s management team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics for the installation of the types of vinyl window graphics Orange County warehouse operations favor.

Brand Big and Fast with Window Graphics

See-through vinyl window graphics Orange County

Amazing on the outside, see-through on the inside!

Since looking into a warehouse does not usually open a vista into an attractive showroom but rather into a functional space, operators of these locations like to have their windows treated with perfs. They market the brand, create name and brand awareness, and succeed at making the façade of the building look professional and attractive. These are see-through window graphics Orange County warehouse owners use when they still want to have natural light coming into the venue but at the same time aim to keep curious eyes from looking in. In this setting, Lilla Rose opted for a window perf that spans all of the windows by displaying the company’s logo.

By using a high-quality vinyl product with a clear laminate, we not only accomplished the vision of the management team but also succeeded at protecting the material from the sun’s UV rays. It saddens us to say it, but quite a few of our competitors do not use this laminate. As a result, the cost of the product goes down but its longevity is seriously compromised. For Lilla Rose, there are no such concerns. Their windows look so great that even the neighboring companies have taken notice. When visitors to the big conference attend the warehouse tour, they will be greeted by expertly wrapped windows.

Beauty distributor window graphics Orange County

Fresh, bright and hard to miss!

See-Through, Eye-Appealing and Such a Great Marketing Tool!

What about you? Whether you run a warehouse, a packing and shipping business, or a company that does not necessarily operate a showroom where windows are a big plus, use the windowpanes for something other than displaying the interior. With a perf, you enjoy the natural sunlight as well as some privacy. Although it is possible for someone on the outside to still look in, this person would have to stand nose to pane and work on looking past the perforated vinyl sheet. From the inside, you have the option of looking outside or also installing a perf there that helps to underscore a sales atmosphere inside the venue.

Vinyl door and window graphics Orange County

Ask us about window and door vinyl graphics!

Getting started on your order is quick and simple. Call our experienced window graphics experts for jobs in and around Orange County and its surrounding areas. We work with you to measure the windowpanes in question and also to design the ideal window perf that uniquely markets and brands your property and business. Even if a perf is not something that you are considering at this time, think about the addition of graphics and lettering. They underscore the niche that your company is in and ensure that folks recognize your name. By adding text, we can display your hours of operation and contact information. Call us today for more information on this and other signage products.

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