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Retail Graphics Packages for Companies in Orange County, CA!

 Aug 31, 2018

Wall Murals for Retail Stores in Orange County CA

Do you remember the work we did for the various locations that Ria Money Transfer operates? We did kiosk signs in Buena Park. Our team also assisted with a building sign, pylon markers, and lobby signage for the business’ North Hollywood location. Next, there were multiple customer appreciation wall graphics. When our client contacted us this time, it was to discuss retail graphics packages for its San Fernando venue.

A New Signage Suite to Welcome Customers

Retail Store Signs and Graphics Orange County CA

Create a stunning new exterior for your retail space!

This storefront is readying for its opening. To ensure that customers would have an easy time locating it, the client asked us to create window striping for the locale. Soon, we will also put together a channel letter sign. The most significant brand identifier is a set of wall graphics.

Mounted on the orange wall, you notice Ria’s name in its iconic blue brand tones. The wall graphics panel depicts the firm’s beginning as a US-only company and its subsequent expansion to become an international business. This graphic welcomes customers as they enter the storefront. It sets the tone for expectations and ensures that those inquiring about the services know about Ria’s global reach.

Creating Trust with Retail Graphics

3D Letter Building Signs for Retail Stores in Orange County CA

Add a 3D Letter building sign!

Wall or window graphics are not just for the beautification of a storefront. They also display messages that communicate specific aspects of your branding to the consumer. In the case of Ria’s signage suite, the marker highlights the international capabilities of the money transfer business. For your company, it might be something different.

There are various options open to you.

  • Timeline. Create a detailed timeline of your company’s history. It might include graphics depicting old bills of sale or building leases. For a business that has been around for a while, this setup is ideal because it emphasizes the firm’s staying power in its niche.
  • Mission statement. The mission statement is a vital aspect of your brand. Generate buy-in from employees and consumers alike by featuring it as a wall graphic in various areas of your company. Examples include walls in the lobby, hallways, conference rooms, and break rooms.
  • Quotes. Did the company’s founder have a profound intent for the corporate vision? Display her or his quotes on the walls. Wall graphics, wall art, and dimensional letters work well. They give people more insight into what makes your firm unique, which may persuade them to do business with you instead of the competition.
Wall murals for retail stores in Orange County CA

Wall murals invite and help you brand your retail store!

If you have not yet been in business for a long time, you can still take advantage of these types of graphics. Instead of a timeline that looks to the past, consider one that charts the planned future course of the company’s growth. Images from the build-out of your current location are excellent choices for hallway wall art. Quotes from a founder can be augmented with quotes from the CEO.

Choosing Retail Graphics Packages for Companies in Orange County, CA

Retail Store Kiosk Graphics in Orange County CA

Have a kiosk? Add graphics!

Discuss your plans with our graphic designer. Our shop can assist you with putting together a signage design that supports your branding and features subtle sales messages, too. Whether you need interior and exterior signage, only want something on the inside, or plan to upgrade what you already have, our team can help. Call us today to talk about it!

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