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Eye Catching Brushed Metal Lobby Signs for Businesses in Orange County

 Jun 14, 2016

Brushed metal lobby signs for businesses in Orange County, CA, are becoming more and more popular. This trend affirms the timeless beauty of the material as well as the elegance that makes it suitable for a broad range of settings. Moreover, metal combines well with sign foam, which allows for the design of striking dimensional markers. In fact, these signage choices present exceptionally well in medical specialty offices.

Premier Pharmacy Services in Baldwin Park

Brushed Metal Lobby Signs in Orange County CA

Brushed metal offers a professional look!

Custom 3D Logo Lobby Signs in Orange County CA

Adding your logo always a nice touch!

Situated at 410 Cloverleaf Drive, Premier Pharmacy Services is a long-term pharmacy that works directly with customers and doctors. These professionals provide confidential delivery of the medications alongside instructions when combining multiple drugs. The goal is to ensure that there are no accidental overdoses and no missed doses. When this business needed a lobby sign, its representatives contacted us for assistance.

Brushed metal is the ideal look for the setting with its light gray walls. The client chose signage foam for the product. We combined metal with the foam for an attractive two-tone display. We painted black the upper foam sections to provide a contrast with the wall color. The lower sections, which feature brushed metal facings, present with sides that we also painted black. The logo portion consists of the black foam with cutouts for the lettering, which allows the light gray to come through. This presentation is truly eye-catching.

LJB Orthopedics in Mission Viejo

Orange County CA Brushed Metal Lobby Signs

3D Letters invite and entice!

Professional Brushed Metal Lobby Signs for Businesses in Orange County CA

Ask us about a custom lobby sign!

You find LJB Orthopedics in Suite 120 at 25982 Pala. The clinic’s specialty is orthopedic surgery as well as the treatment of sports injuries and arthritis. This business went through a new logo design. Once the process was finished, the clinic’s management team contacted us to create a lobby sign that would feature the new logo. Once again, we used sign foam that we combined with brushed metal.

Our technicians painted the foam portions of the sign in a custom-matched blue color. The logo part, which resembles a lion, displays with brushed metal. We painted the sides of the foam in silver to match the color of the metal. The contrast between the blue and silver looks attractive and imbues the reception area with pizzazz. The product displays against a light steel blue wall backdrop.

Combining Two Signage Materials

The combination of foam and metal is not new. In fact, we have been creating dual material signage for a while now. Frequently, our clients like the idea of adding a lobby sign with a substantial thickness in their reception areas; the problem associated with the plan is the cost that a full-metal sign incurs when you go for depth. Foam, on the other hand, is a budget-friendly material that we can cut to depths reaching three inches. By adding a brushed metal laminate, our clients save money but do not compromise on the good looks they envisioned.

When you are ready to commission brushed metal lobby signs for businesses in Orange County, CA, contact our graphic artists to discuss your options. We work with you to choose the right size, thickness, color combination and metal display for your setting.

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