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Property Management Signs for Shopping Centers in Long Beach, CA!

 Mar 27, 2023

Milan Capital is a property management company that oversees commercial venues across the Southland. Previously, we have worked with the client on pylon sign refurbishing and LED conversions, retail storefront graphics for incoming tenants, and monument sign makeovers. For this latest project, the client requested property management signs for shopping centers in Long Beach, CA.

tow away and trespassing signs for shopping centers in long beach, ca

An Extensive Shopping Center Property Needs Tow-Away and Trespassing Signs

To ensure that customers have an enjoyable shopping experience, property management companies have begun spelling out the rules of properties. They include warnings against trespassing, soliciting, and loitering. Besides that, management companies focus on safety issues such as keeping fire lanes free and only using accessible parking spaces when eligible. 

Post-mounted property signs for shopping centers, malls, hospitals, and schools have proven to be the best display of such information. We can adapt the signage height, use multiple color backdrops to set apart the messages, and highlight the rules an incoming property manager needs to define. 

post mounted property signs for shopping centers in long beach, ca

Post-Mounted Property Signs 

For this project, the client ordered signs for the shopping center’s three entrances. Milan Capital defined them as the most important spaces for legal verbiage about towing and trespassing. Our technicians fabricated aluminum composite panels that we imprinted with the information. You will notice that the backdrop is overall black, except for the paragraph discussing fire lanes. The lettering is white, which is easy to read during the day and after dark.

We made the panel fit on a U-channel post that we secured with concrete. It creates secure footing that will keep the sign unmovable even if there is a strong wind. At the same time, it fits perfectly into the landscape. We angled the sign to be immediately visible to anyone entering the shopping center. 

Commercial Property Signs in long beach, ca

Adding Property Management Signs for a Commercial Venue

For this client, we did property management signs for shopping centers in Long Beach, CA. What does your location need?

  • Apartment signs. For companies managing apartment complexes, there are similar signage needs. In addition to parking and fire lane warnings, many clients in this field request amenity signage for laundry rooms, gyms, and similar spaces.
  • HOA signs. Associations overseeing a property tend to have highly-specialized needs. In addition to amenity and parking signs, they often reference specific rules defined in the community’s bylaws. Our shop routinely customizes signs for HOAs.
  • Wayfinding signs. Most property management companies that oversee office parks and larger strip malls order wayfinding signs. Doing so makes sense when dealing with tenants operating around corners, toward the back of the property, or out of the immediate line of sight from the street. Wayfinding signs are also good options for a parking lot to assist customers in finding the spaces closest to their destinations. 

Has your business recently taken over a new property? Are you looking for a way to make the space you are in charge of easier to navigate? We can help. Contact Superior Signs and Graphics today to discuss the project!


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