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Product Showroom Graphic Panels for Anaheim! Display Your Products!

 Dec 28, 2015

Why do so many business owners swear by product showroom wall murals? For Anaheim, CA’s Eurowest Decorative Surfaces, the use of the mural panel has proven hugely successful. This week alone, we did 16 showroom panels for the client. Three of these went into the main showroom, one we installed in an office and 12 boards became representative samples in the hallway. There, they provide realistic examples of what the company’s products (such as stone, tile or porcelain) could look like in a real setting. This installation required the use of PVC panels and matte-finish prints. The large displays measure 10 feet by 10 feet.

Customers Like to See Products in Use

Product showroom wall murals Anaheim CA

Clients gain a better idea of what this granite will look like!

Would it have been possible to create smaller displays? Of course! The reason this business client called us back a fourth time to take on another showroom panel job is the simple fact that this type of marketing approach works. Rather than showing off product information in a booklet style or with a poster board, these pros discovered that going for the gusto – with size and high-resolution print – pays off when customers consider the purchase of high-cost materials.

What Would Your Customers Like to See?

High resolution matte prints for showroom walls in Anaheim CA

Use high resolution matte prints to showcase your products!

For Eurowest Decorative Surfaces, the products on display include travertines, marble, wood, and metal. For a car dealership, it may be the interior of a late-model luxury car, the engine of the new pickup truck or the roomy interior of a delivery van. Even if you do not sell products that retail for thousands of dollars, consider that a large display of features or usage options always appeals to the buyer. This might be the shopper who wants to know what makes one hiking boot different from another or what jewels you could accessorize with a diamond engagement ring.

Installation Options for Your Graphics

Mounting the products to the wall as PVC panels makes the most sense. Of course, you do have other options, too. In fact, graphic panels are just one method of displaying large images of your products.

Product showroom wall murals and graphics in Anaheim CA

Make your showroom a client’s dream!

  • Banner stands. When the wall space in your retail venue is limited, the use of banner stands makes plenty of sense. They offer tall display spaces that you can move to be near the shelves displaying your products.
  • Kiosks. If you have plenty of floor space but not so much with respect to walls, the setup of a kiosk that shows the products is ideal. It creates a center of interest and may feature additional illumination and perhaps even product samples that present a tactile support for the visual display.
  • Window graphics. Are your windows more of a nuisance than an asset? If shelves go up to the windows, and the glass surfaces do not have any display purpose for your location, why not simply cover them with window graphics? Doing so lets you use the surface for the arrangement of vinyl graphics that highlight product features. Do the same on the exterior to reel in foot traffic.

Discussing Your Options with a Specialist

Contact our experts to get more information about product showroom graphic panels in Anaheim, CA, and its surrounding areas. We work with you to identify suitable mounting locations and spatial workarounds (if needed).

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