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Product Wall Murals For Eurowest Showroom Are Crisp and Realistic!

 Nov 30, 2014
Product Showroom Wall Murals Orange County

Let these vinyl wall murals do the selling for you!

What can you do with product showroom vinyl wall murals? For Orange County’s Eurowest, these prints are the key to a solid marketing approach. In the business of supplying consumers with porcelain tile and Italian porcelain surfaces for a wide variety of interior and exterior projects, the company offers stone panels that affect the look of marble, granite, concrete, metal and travertine. Surfaces might be polished, non-structured or structured. Colors are available in a rainbow of hues. But for the consumer who walks through the door, these exquisite products can be difficult to imagine in a real life setting.

Matte vinyl product wall murals for showrooms in Orange County

Clients easily see what flooring choices look like!

Fabricating Matte Vinyl Showroom Panels

This is when Superior Signs and Graphics got a call. Eurowest asked us to reproduce some of the wall panels, which they had set up in the Anaheim showroom, for the company’s L.A. location. No problem! Relying on our high-resolution printer for a perfect color match and sharp graphics, we printed matte finish posters that we then attached to 6mm PVC substrate measuring 10 feet in height by 40 inches in width. Matte vinyl prints for product showrooms in Orange County do not reflect the light in such a manner that it is difficult for the consumer to take in the details of the image even in bright sunlight.

Wall graphics and murals for retail showrooms in Orange County

Our high resolution printer ensures your graphics are crisp and clear!

Installation was a snap. We used eight brushed aluminum standoffs, which allowed the displays to sit one inch away from the wall. Mounted on the wall opposite of the example stone sheet, the combination of sample and example lets consumers envision the look of the product in a typical room or other setting. We created the slight optical illusion of looking through a window into a perfectly done room, which of course helps shoppers to visualize their rooms and also consider attractive decorative surface solutions. Our client was amazed at the real-life quality that these prints displayed. Looking more like photos than prints, the client was enthusiastic and praised the high-quality print capabilities of our workshop.

Showroom vinyl wall murals Orange County

Showroom vinyl wall murals are becoming the advertising choice!

The Benefits of Showroom Wall Murals

Are you considering vinyl graphic panels for product showrooms in Orange County? Flooring stores, wallpaper professionals, interior decorators and also carpet manufacturers can benefit from this approach to marketing their products. In addition to providing a lifelike example of the installed product, these prints also allow consumers to explore new patterns, colors and textures before making a buying decision – or perhaps not daring to branch out into new and innovative designs and products for fear of not being able to incorporate them into the home.

Wall prints for product showrooms Orange County

Do your products shine like these do?

This is where these high-quality prints can quite possibly make the difference between closing a deal and having a shopper shrink back from their buying decision. When you talk to our skilled vinyl prints experts, we gladly explain to you what the print process entails and how it can help your business to realistically showcase your products – in print.

Wall murals for product showrooms Orange County

Offer customers a chance to see a room with your products!

The cost of these prints is reasonable when compared to the expense of having product samples on hand in more extensive quantities for customers to envision lager surfaces. Talk to us today for more information and to see examples of what our printer can do for you!

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