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Perforated Window Graphics Brand Santa Ana College Athletics Facility!

 Jul 24, 2023

Our latest college project had the team design, produce, and install perforated window graphics for schools in Santa Ana, CA. We had been working with the football coach for Santa Ana College at 1530 West 17th Street. Overseeing the Santa Ana College Dons, he was looking for a way to better represent the school’s brand in the space where players meet to watch game films and plan strategy.

perforated window graphics in santa ana, ca

We collaborated on a design for the offices, using perforated window graphics on all glass surfaces. You see them at the front of the offices and the film room. Besides that, we added window graphics to the smaller windows and doors that lead into the coach’s office. The finished product combines school colors with images of players and the team’s name. Perforations let line shine into the space while allowing anyone inside to see out. 

A Long History of Serving Santa Ana Schools

We have spent a lot of time working with school administrators and other officials in Santa Ana. For example, at the NOVA Academy, we assembled custom wall graphics for a front-facing space and word wall graphics for the school’s workout studio. At Santa Ana Valley High School, our team worked with the athletics department on heavy-duty mesh fence banners for the pool deck. We recently assisted the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana with perforated vinyl window wraps to inspire teens to dream big when considering college. 

santa ana, ca window graphics for schools

Perforated or Solid Window Graphics?

Did you know we are getting more calls for perforated window graphics? Why do clients like them? Both products are made from high-quality vinyl. However, perforated window graphics are made of vinyl material with small holes (perforations) evenly spaced throughout the surface. These graphics display the printed image from the outside, but from the inside, people can see through the tiny holes, allowing visibility through the window.

You already see this product used for advertising on vehicle or storefront windows. In offices, they maintain visibility from the inside, provide some level of privacy during the day, and allow light to pass through. In contrast, solid vinyl window graphics are made of continuous material without perforations. They fully cover the window, blocking visibility from both inside and outside, and are often used for decorative purposes or to provide complete privacy.

perforated window graphics for schools in santa ana, ca

Selecting Your Next Santa Ana, CA Window Graphics for Schools or Storefronts

Choosing between perforated and solid vinyl window graphics depends on your specific needs. Perforated window graphics are more suitable if you need to advertise and maintain visibility from the inside, especially for storefronts. If privacy and decoration are your primary concerns, solid vinyl window graphics are the better choice. They are ideal for situations where you want to block visibility both ways and create an eye-catching, fully-covered design.

Ultimately, the decision will depend on your specific use case and the balance you want to strike between visibility, privacy, and aesthetic appeal. Because we have experience with solid and perforated window graphics for schools in Santa Ana, CA, we recommend you collaborate with our graphic artist. Call today!

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