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Perforated Window Graphics Allow Visibility Outside While Advertising Your Placentia, CA Business!

 Nov 28, 2022

Alex Varela heads Varela Law at 1277 East Imperial Highway. It is a firm that focuses on estate planning and related issues. The office has set up a convenient space for customers in a retail center. To ensure that it would be easy to find and to maintain privacy for those visiting, the management team asked our shop to design, produce, and install perforated window graphics in Placentia, CA.

Window Graphics for Retail Centers Give Storefront Offices a Chic, Brand-Focused Presence

Neighboring companies use their large storefront windows to feature products or give customers a glimpse inside the business. The law firm decided to take a different approach. By covering the office’s windows with see-through window graphics for companies that value privacy, the management team increased its advertising and brand-building opportunities. 

See Through Window Graphics For Businesses In Placentia, Ca

 Notice that the rear door features the logo and name. Besides that, it offers contact details and a notice to enter by the next door. Adjacent glass panels are covered with gray-on-white branding, combining taglines with values. The windows that face the parking lot, where many customers will walk up from, feature the attorney’s full-color photo, a menu of services, and positive reviews.

window graphics for retail centers in placentia, ca

Because the client valued the ability to see out and have light stream into the office, they selected perforated vinyl. It is an excellent option for this project and boosts advertising space and privacy for visitors while minimizing distractions. 

Superior Signs and Graphics Specializes in See-Through Window Graphics for Businesses

Perforated vinyl is becoming our clients’ favorite choice for window covers. Moreover, they frequently entrust us with the product’s design, which allows our graphic artist to combine sizing with brand elements. We use an optically clear laminate on our perforated window graphics that protects the print from UV rays and makes cleaning easy while maintaining good outward visibility.

Because our team has earned the coveted preferred 3M vinyl installer designation, you know that the technicians installing the product know how to handle the material well. Notice that there are no air bubbles or peeling corners, and the vinyl is so well measured and cut that it fits perfectly into the frames. 

Perforated Window Graphics In Placentia, Ca

What Goes into the Design of Perforated Window Graphics in Placentia, CA

There is more to designing window graphics than meets the eye. 

  • Size. How much space will our technicians work with? Rather than making print so small that it is difficult to read, our graphic artist works on reducing the lettering that is featured. It ensures a balanced approach to advertising and creates an elegant presentation. 
  • Color palette. Some business clients prefer a full-color palette. Others choose a more muted approach by asking for the integration of two or three colors. Of course, there is always the option of having both. You will notice that we incorporated a full-color photo for the law firm. 
  • Message. Do you want to advertise, build your brand, or tell prospective customers what sets you apart from the competition? In the case of Varela Law, the client selected brand building with a nod to business differentiation.

Which approach would be right for your company? Call us today to discuss the project!

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