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Get Ready for Your Orange County Trade Show with Banner Stands and Pop-Up Displays

 Jan 09, 2014
Make Your Trade Show Booth Shine with Custom Graphics

Trade Show Booths with Custom Graphics

The trade show is a vital component to a growing retail or service business. This is particularly true when you are offering revolutionary new products and the types of services that not many consumers know exist. Unfortunately, many a tradeshow is a buzzing hive of activity, and it is easy for your booth to gets lost in the sea of booths. It is here that the right signage makes all the difference. Trade show graphics for Orange County, CA, must accomplish three main goals:

  1. Draw the eye. Your signage must be so different from what is being displayed to your left and right that visitors cannot help but be intrigued. When clients contact Superior Signs and Graphics, we usually discuss the use of typeface, logos and color at this juncture.
  2. Offer information. If the exhibit is packed, not every attendee will have the opportunity to talk to you one-on-one. Your signage can make up for the missed face time. Even if you cannot offer a lot of detailed information, you should take steps to ensure that visitors know how to contact you online, by phone or in person.
  3. Drive brand awareness. You want everyone in the hall to remember your logo, slogan or company name. Even if they cannot remember your website address, they can still search for your business name via the major search engines. If you are a local retailer or service provider, this brand awareness is a crucial building block for branding in your own backyard.
Trade Show Graphics Orange County

Make Sure Your Trade Show Graphics Pop

Using banners is a time-honored method of accomplishing one or more of these goals. The retractable banner stands Orange County, CA, companies prefer are the types that include customized vinyl banners that roll up inside the stand’s base during transport. After arriving at the convention center, hotel or other exhibition hall, it is easy to simply place the banner stands into the desired location and pop up the display.

There are different sizes currently on the market. Varying heights and base widths offer a bit of variety that allows the creative exhibitor to construct a visually interesting information display. Size of display areas is another reason why having stands of varying sizes is always a good idea. Some booth setups offer you quite a bit of square footage; this is usually due to last minute exhibitor cancellations. Being ready to expand your setup at a moment’s notice allows you to take advantage of every bit of floor space that is allocated to you.

Retractable Banners for OC Trade Shows

Retractable Banners for OC Trade Shows

Remember also to choose double-sided displays whenever possible. Although one-sided banners can be suitable for corner setups, you have more versatility when you pick the displays that offer information on both sides. You may not always have this luxury when choosing pop-up banners. Orange County, CA, trade show halls frequently see this kind of easy-to-assemble hardware that intends to keep the display taut. Use fabric or vinyl banners to bring your message to the public with this hardware. Depending on the stand, you may not even need tools to set up your exhibit. Some models even let you store the hardware with the banner still attached.

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