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Crittenton of CA Delivers Message with Full Van Wraps in Fullerton CA

 Jan 08, 2014
Health Care full van wraps and graphics

Crittenton of CA Brands with Full Van Wraps & Graphics

California’s Crittenton Services for Children and Families is in existence to make communities better. Working with the courts, the group operates a residential treatment center for teen girls, mental health aftercare, shelter care as well as foster care and adoption services. The history of the Crittenton mission dates back to 1883, when a social visionary and likeminded agency founders sought to better the lives of those who were exploited and generally overlooked by society.

When modern day Crittenton looked for ways to spread the word about its organization in and around Fullerton, the group turned to Superior Signs and Graphics for a van wrap. Nonprofit van wraps for Fullerton, CA, are excellent advertising tools. They are reasonably priced and draw attention to the group whenever the van makes pickups. For Crittenton, we decided to focus on the foster program. Urging onlookers to consider becoming foster parents, we display the photo of a happy foster family together with the Crittenton name and logo as well as the organization’s telephone number. The website address makes it possible to easily access more information about the group whenever it is convenient.

What makes this wrap stand out is the use of a real digital photo versus computer-generated graphics. The simple message in conjunction with the family photo is most poignant. To support the branding of the Crittenton name, we used the same typeface as the group uses on its website. Maintaining the color scheme, it is going to be easy to recognize the organization’s name and logo anywhere now.

When you want to take a closer look at nonprofit van wraps and graphics for your organization, consider that there are plenty of advantages associated with this marketing tool.

  • Memorable graphics. Whether you have stock photos, logos, symbols or digital photos that you want us to use, we can easily incorporate them into your van wraps. If you do not have these items on file, we can help you design logos and color schemes that will help with branding online and off.
  • Durable displays. Since we only use the highest quality vinyl raw materials, you can expect your wrap to last for about five years in excellent condition. There is no peeling or fading. Instead, these wraps are designed to withstand the hot sun, rain and whatever else the elements might throw your way.
  • Reasonable price. Wrapping a van – or a fleet of vans – is not a cost prohibitive project. If you have an advertising budget and routinely spend money on newspaper, magazine and radio ads, you might actually be throwing some of your money away. Your print ads are only as good as the interest in the publication. If you advertise in a daily paper that gets recycled at the end of the day, your ad has reached the end of its useful life. Radio ads may be slightly more memorable if you can afford a week of spots. Then again, once the spots no longer air, your organization slips back into obscurity. The cost of a vinyl wrap ensures that your group’s name is brought to the minds of motorists and pedestrians whenever your vehicles are on the road. Whether you operate vans, cars or a fleet of trucks, you brand as you drive.

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