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Orange County Sign Company Proves to be a Great Resource During Warehouse Relocation!

 Feb 12, 2018

Warehouse Relocation Signs | Orange County | LA County

ZippyPaws relocated its warehouse to 5548 Daniels Street in Chino. The business makes high-quality dog toys for all types of breeds. It also manufactures a line of accessories. We met the company’s management team a few years ago when we created a lobby sign for the prior venue. Now, the team remembered our Orange County signs company and called us to handle the signage needs for the relocation.

Putting Together a Comprehensive Warehouse Sign Package

Foam Letter Building Signs | Orange County | LA County

We offer expert building sign installation!

We met with the team to get the specs. The new property is a 50,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution center that required a variety of signage solutions.

Building sign. We started with a foam letter sign for the building. Because the product would be installed on a south-facing wall, it would get plenty of sun exposure. For this reason, we advised against vinyl. Instead, we used two-inch sign foam with white aluminum faces and a second set of custom-colored facings. Look closely, and you will notice the brand colors on the sides of the letters as well.

Warehouse Lobby Signs | Orange County | LA County

We also added a logo lobby sign!

Lobby sign. The client selected PVC for the lobby sign. We painted it white and ensured a presentation of the company’s well-known font.

Warehouse Parking Log Signs | Orange County | LA County

Custom parking lot lettering!

Parking lot lettering. We identified visitors’ parking spots with block lettering. To the left of the letters, we also placed the company’s name in its brand colors.

Warehouse Restroom Signs | Orange County | LA County

Restroom signage!

Dock Bay Number Signs | Orange County | LA County

Interior dock bay numbers!

Exterior Dock Bay Numbers | Orange County | LA County

Exterior dock bay numbers!

Warehouse Pallet Racking Letters | Orange County | LA County

Warehouse pallet racking letters!

Warehouse signage. For the warehouse space, our team added restroom signage, interior as well as exterior dock loading bay numbers in white on red, and 36 pallet racking letters for inventory control.

Working with the Right Orange County Signs Company Makes a Difference

ZippyPaws specializes in dog toys. We specialize in business signs. By putting together our expertise, we succeeded in presenting an attractive marketing and branding presence to the public as well as to vendors and corporate contacts. Doing so effectively was possible because our graphic artists ensured perfect color matches throughout the project.

The yellow and teal colors that the company chose are now familiar to customers and vendors alike. They have to match across a variety of signage components from the building marker to the stamp on the parking lot curb. The same holds true for the font setup and spacing. Creating brand awareness among consumers is possible when your name presentation is identical across the board.

Working with a sign shop that understands the importance of this process and implements multiple quality controls to ensure that it happens makes the difference. Moreover, because we own our bucket van, we were able to install the signage components at the client’s convenience. Doing so would not be possible if we had to rent the equipment instead. It always pays to work with a sign specialist who holds the right licenses and owns the shop’s equipment.

Whether you are relocating your business, opening your doors for the first time, or are thinking of upgrading the signage you currently have, we can help. Discuss your marker needs with our experts to find out how we can save you money and have your venue look great. Our team assists you from inception all the way to the final installation and beyond.

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