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Custom Designed Matte Finish Vehicle Wraps and Graphics in Buena Park!

 Feb 07, 2018

Matte Vehicle Wraps | Orange County CA

Last week, we talked about redoing the wall in our shop with a custom designed vinyl wall mural. Well, not to be outdone, co-owner Edith decided it was time to update her custom designed matte finish vehicle wraps and graphics in Buena Park.

Marketing and Branding While Your Personality Shines Through

Driving a 4 Runner, this vehicle already featured a custom wrap product. That said, the product had reached the end of its useful life. This was an excellent opportunity for Edith to meet with graphic designer Danny for a redo. They sat down and created a wrap product that lets her personality shine through while also advertising the sign shop.

Toyota 4-Runner Matte Finish Vehicle Wraps | Buena Park CA

The matte finish complements the graphics on this 4-Runner!

Because Edith wanted something a little different from what we did for the shop’s vans, they started from scratch. The theme was Wonder Woman. The medium was a matte wrap finish. It presents with a blue leather look on the vehicle’s lower portion and an auburn color with a gradient change on the top half. Gloss stripes and a logo cutout sit atop the vinyl as an overlay. The company’s name and logo displays on the sides and rear.

We added perforated vinyl window covers that continue the color scheme. The rear window features the shop’s advertisement. To finish the overall look of the 4 Runner as an advertisement for the business, we will also add the company’s website address and phone number on the rear portion of the wrap. This vinyl product catches the eye and attention of anyone passing by. Even though it advertises the company, it perfectly encapsulates Edith’s personality.

Commercial Wraps Use Eye Candy for Advertising

Matte Finish Vehicle Wraps and Graphics | Orange County CA

Close up: Look at the detail!

The size of your car, truck, or van offers a large surface. It is ideally suited for presenting your brand message, advertisement, or any other message that you want to get across. Why not make good use of the sizable canvas by using style elements that command attention?

  • Reflective vinyl. When you drive after dark, use the headlights of oncoming traffic to your advantage. Reflective vinyl makes your vehicle appear to light up as these cars pass you. What a great way to get attention!
  • 3D images. We can print three-dimensional images that are lifelike. Install them on the back of your box truck, and drivers are sure to do the double take.
  • Bold colors. Some clients request neon tones. Others like us to use bold hues that stand out in the sea of white cars on the highway. Bright colors look great in sunshine or when it is overcast during June gloom.
  • Cartoon scenes. You do not have to select real-life images. Imagine the use of cartoon-like panels on the side of your van. The panels can tell a story that highlights your brand and niche.
  • Recognizable displays. Take a page from Edith’s playbook, and feature recognizable displays. Everyone knows the Wonder Woman colors and striping. Why not do something similar for your business vehicle?
Matte Finish Vehicle Graphics Orange County

Interested in matte finish vehicle wraps?

If we have inspired you to think about adding custom designed matte finish vehicle wraps and graphics in Buena Park, discuss your thoughts with our experts. We help you put together a look that is uniquely you!

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