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Warehouse Signs and Graphics for Logistics Companies in Los Angeles!

 Apr 03, 2019

Warehouse Signs and Graphics Los Angeles CA

Flexport is a long-standing client of Superior Signs and Graphics. In the past, we helped this firm with great-looking new signs during a warehouse relocation. This time, we assisted with new warehouse signs and graphics in Los Angeles, CA.

A Signage Project Ensures Compliance with Regulations

Warehouse Signs in Los Angeles CA

Guide and direct with custom signage!

We worked with the client to define the scope of this project. The company needed a broad range of safety as well as customs compliance signage for its warehouse. We customized the designs and printed them using aluminum composite. It saves the client money since it is not as expensive as stand-alone aluminum.

Even so, it is weatherproof and rigid. Now, these signs identify container freight stations, personnel notices, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection warnings. They attach to the exterior walls, above specific entrances, and on the chain link fencing of the warehouse’s interior. As a result, the company can define its space and meet legal posting requirements.

What is Aluminum Composite?

Custom Warehouse Chainlink Signs Los Angeles CA

Aluminum composite signs great for warehouses!

When two thin sheets of aluminum envelop a non-metal center, you refer to it as an aluminum composite. The center frequently consists of polyethylene. It is a surprisingly lightweight material, which makes it ideal for fence installations. Even so, it loses nothing of the durability that the aluminum itself brings to the table. We use this material for a variety of signage applications.

  • Building signs. The material weathers well. Therefore, it is an ideal option for installation in areas where the Southern California sunshine would wreak havoc on other types of products. Similarly, it is a good solution when you need a large building sign for an oversized façade.
  • Traffic markers. We can imprint the material with your directions. Use it with stands near areas where consumers enter parking garages or lots. Similarly, use it for special events to guide foot traffic, advertise specials, or present information to attendees.
  • Interior signage. Composite aluminum is ideal for a wide variety of interior signage options. Wayfinding products, informational boards, menu boards, and similar products can be made from this material. Incorporate your company’s name and logo for branding purposes, too.

How to Order Your Next Set of Warehouse Signs and Graphics

US Customs Warehouse Signs Los Angeles CA

Many warehouses need U.S. Custom Signs!

Consult with our graphic artist. This expert presents you with design options, color choices, and display alternatives. For example, some business clients have had excellent success with the use of wall graphics for notices that spanned entire warehouse walls. Alternatively, take a page from the playbook of Flexport when choosing aluminum composite signage for fence and wall mounting.

If you need a signage suite, our team coordinates the design process as well as the installation date to minimize upset to your location. Besides that, we ensure that you receive perfect color matches for all your signage needs. Our sign shop serves the business communities in and around Los Angeles and Orange Counties. We gladly visit your location for a site survey, which can be instrumental in providing you with the advice you need to put together your signage design.

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