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Office Logo Wall Sign Welcomes Staff and Visitors in Los Angeles, CA!

 Feb 14, 2022

Located at 8730 Santa Monica Boulevard, Brandingiron Worldwide (BIW) is a company that specializes in helping brands find their unique voices. Insiders work with customers to design branding styles, develop a public relations protocol, think through product design and packaging, and customize all aspects of the brand’s expression. When this company needed an office logo wall sign in Los Angeles, CA, the management team entrusted Superior Signs and Graphics with the project. 

PVC Encapsulates BIW’s Brand Message

office logo wall sign in Los Angeles CA

After discussing the signage design with the client, our shop designed and fabricated a product using PVC. This material is durable and excellent for full customization. For BIW, we cut it into the brand’s iconic font and depth display. Next, we custom-colored the item for a complete match. The final step of the project was the stud-mount installation.

Thinking Beyond the Rectangle

The majority of clients request a lobby sign that displays in a rectangular shape. This client specifically asked for a circle. It is an integral aspect of the branding, which means that the signage had to follow suit in this regard. Other clients have had good results with square signs. It is also possible to craft logo boards in the shapes of a corporate logo. 

Choosing a Color Combination for Your Office Logo Wall Sign in Los Angeles CA

Lobby Sign Installation in Los Angeles CA

Usually, the color choice refers back to a client’s corporate palette. However, there are exceptions. 

  • Color reversals. BIW opted for a color reversal. Rather than having the lettering displayed in white, the client opted for a black color. When you look at the wall color, this option makes sense. The wall is white, and white lettering would fail to stand out and have the impact on the space it needs to make. 
  • Metallic finishes. Another reason to move away from an established color selection is the selection of metal for the lobby sign. Rather than focusing attention on the colors, this signage emphasizes a brand message that points to durability or artistry. These finishes may refer to brushed aluminum, polished stainless steel, or artificially-aged metals.
  • Mixed media setups. When a client requests a composite media sign, changes to color palettes are common. Examples include combinations of metal, acrylic, and vinyl. Frequently, these signs focus attention on one brand color but highlight the material for brand-building from there.

Working with Our Graphic Artist on the Design of Your Next Signage Product

Logo Lobby Signs in Orange County CA

Are you inspired to seek out a different design for your next office logo wall sign in Los Angeles, CA? Have you been thinking of trying a different material or fabrication method for the lobby sign? Examples include logo boards, three-dimensional letters, and combinations of the two. In these cases, we recommend setting up a design appointment with our specialist, who can show you what your options are.

If you already have a set of specs that you like and want to go with, we can go directly to production. Our technicians ensure that the specs are appropriately sized for the setup you have in mind. Contact us today to set up an appointment for your next sign’s design or fabrication!

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