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NFIA Invites with Convention Banner Stand in Orange County

 Mar 15, 2015

The establishment of the National Federation of Indian American Associations (NFIA) dates back to 1980, when neighborhood leaders sought to unify the Indian American community. Engaged in lobbying, liaising with India and supporting Hindu movements, the organization represents a powerful voice that seeks to unite and better the country. When getting ready for its Cerritos convention, the group realized that it was missing a banner stand. This is when Superior Signs and Graphics got the call.

Retractable banner stands Orange County

Banner stands perfect for conventions!

Convention Banner Stands Display Your Message

We worked with the event coordinator to create the type of convention banners stands Orange County and Los Angeles County attendees would look for. We identified the organization by name and made it very clear where to register for the event. We also highlighted the dates of the event as well as the location. The attractive color combinations draw the eye while the logo makes it easy for attendees to find their way to the right location. The colors tastefully fade from one hue to the next, which looks very appealing. Next, we manufactured a four-foot by 10-foot poster banner for the meeting.

Why Professional Setups Matter

Banners, posters and banner stands for conventions Orange County groups host usually remind of the products we manufacture for expos, trade shows and street fairs. Of course, in this setting the aim of the displays is different. Whereas at expos you are competing for eyeballs of attendees, at a convention you are usually the only business or group in attendance. As a result, there is less need to market or brand. Or is there? Experts have found that pulling out the stops and treating even a convention like an expo benefits the business or organization that hosts the event.

Convention banner stands Orange County

Fabricating the banner stand

What’s in it for Guests (and you)?

Attendees usually bring friends who may become members, clients or customers. Those who are not sure that they are really with the right outfit will evaluate the professionalism of your setup and can (and should) be wooed like first-time clients. For those who have been long-time members of the groups, these conventions are always great opportunities to renew their visions and rededicate themselves to the success of the organization. When your members get once again inspired to seek out the good of the association, your group thrives.

Examples include multi-level marketing companies, faith communities, self-help groups and volunteer as well as political organizations. Business leaders know that conventions help to identify tomorrow’s incoming specialists, which makes it important to have the talent buy into the company’s vision early on. While you could try to accomplish these goals with a few handouts and glossy prints, the atmosphere of the location plays a huge role in the way the convention is perceived. This is why trade-show signage, banners, posters and similar products are excellent selections for the forward-thinking event coordinator.

Call us today for more information on banners and trade show graphics and displays. We are dedicated to making your next convention a success. We gladly help with a wide variety of stand-alone signage products. In the alternative, we gladly put together a signage package that takes care of a wide array of product needs.

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