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The Gotti Music Firm Choose Die Cut Vinyl Wall Graphics for Lobby Sign

 Mar 12, 2015

The Gotti Music Group and Firm is a fixture in Virginia and North Carolina. With a stellar reputation in the industry, it makes sense that this outfit would need top-shelf signage. When it came time to buy die cut vinyl wall graphics online, they contacted Superior Signs and Graphics. After speaking to the company’s management team, we created customized die-cut laminated vinyl wall decals that feature the logos of the two business units.

Die Cut Vinyl Wall Graphics Orange County and Nationwide

Die cut vinyl graphics great as lobby signs!

Using Die Cut Vinyl Graphics as Reception Area Signs

Since these businesses are located quite out of our usually installation radius, we geared the product for self-installation procedures. This way, the client saved money and did not have to hire an installer on their end. We used the new 3M ControlTac vinyl that would make it easy for the client to self-install the signage. After adding transfer tape and shipping it with some installation hardware, the client reported excellent success during the install.

The finished sign looks professional, sophisticated and perfectly brands the company. If this is something that you envision for your location, talk to us about the die cut vinyl wall graphics Orange County businesses are ordering in growing numbers. We also offer these nationwide and can ship them right to your business! These markers are now beginning to surpass orders for standard lobby signs as a money-saving alternative for start-ups or businesses that need to enhance their profit margins before being financial able to afford different lobby signage.

Die cut vinyl graphics great as lobby signs!

Attractive and affordable!

After all, wall graphics are far more budget-friendly than stand-alone lobby signs made from metal or PVC. Add to this the versatility of the appearance, and it makes sense to give them a second look. In fact, we have long-established companies that prefer this look to other signage products that they could easily afford. Reasons for their decisions abound.

Ideal for small spaces. A lobby sign takes up space. A wall graphic blends into the space that you already have. Make it as tall or wide as you like; you still do not encroach onto the space of the room. When lobbies are small or reception areas are crowded, this is the signage solution to consider.

Adaptable. Clients who commission whole-wall murals appreciate the fact that it is possible to incorporate the lobby sign into the design. We can use it as an add-on or actively make it a part of the graphic itself. The wide variety of font styles and color selections – as well as the option for complete customization in this area, too – lets us make a marker that mimics the look found on your company’s website.

Die Cut Vinyl Fabrication

Fabricating the die cut vinyl graphics in our Orange County sign shop


Eye-catching. Any time that you put something up on the wall, it catches the eye. This is not just the case for decorative touches but also for the signage products in your business. After all, this is why many companies hang marketing posters into their waiting areas. With the reception area sign, it is the same concept. Whether it is installed on a separate medium that stands out from the wall or printed on vinyl that is attached to the wall as a flat piece, the sign grabs the eye.

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