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New Storefront Sign and Graphics Give Los Angeles Check Cashing Store a Makeover!

 Feb 09, 2021

Signage can go bad. Many products have a limited lifespan. Upon reaching it, the material begins to break down. If you notice that your current signage products are no longer looking great, it is time for new storefront signs and graphics in Los Angeles CA.

Case Study: Ria La Mexicana

Storefront Signs and Graphics in Los Angeles CA

Returning readers to our blog know that we have done a lot of work for Ria Money Transfer. In the process, Superior Signs and Graphics technicians have also worked with agent stores, which are independently owned but sell Ria money transfers. One such store is Ria La Mexicana.

Image of Cabinet Sign Before Refacing in Los Angeles CA

A look at their cabinet sign before refacing.

The store’s owner contacted us because the location’s signs had deteriorated. The building sign was in such bad shape from constant sun exposure that it looked as if it had caught fire. Besides that, the perforated window graphics were peeling and ripped.

translucent vinyl graphics for lighted signs in los angeles

What a difference with cabinet sign refacing!

When we arrived, we inspected the signs. It was clear that the cabinet itself was in excellent shape. The problem was the polycarbonate facing that had aged and caused the vinyl overlay to deteriorate. Our team removed this facing, produced a new one that also features Ria’s new logo, and then refaced the old sign.

A closer look at the window graphics showed that they had not been laminated, which resulted in premature wear and tear. Our technicians removed them, cleaned the windows, and prepared them to install new window wraps.

perforated window graphics in los angeles

Meanwhile, we printed the new product at our shop. Finally, we could replace the faulty graphics with a new product that features an optically clear laminate, which now protects the store’s investment in the perforated window wraps.

A look at the pictures showing the storefront before and after the installation tells the tale. Freshening up the signage and putting up new window graphics help the location stand out from other storefronts in the strip mall. Concurrently, they help bring in more foot traffic.

Popular Options for Updated, Refreshed, and New Storefront Signs and Graphics in Los Angeles CA

How do your store signs look? Are they excellent candidates for a “before” picture? We can help. Our sign shop specializes in refurbishing signs that are overall in good condition but need a little care.

  • Lightbox cabinets. The box cabinet is a widely popular building sign for L.A. store owners. Built-in illumination is a great way of attracting the attention of passersby and drivers. However, if your box cabinet displays facings that are in bad shape, it becomes difficult to read your message. Our shop can help with a simple upgrade of the facings and perhaps a coat of paint for the cabinet.
  • LED conversions. Do your signs still feature outdated lighting technology? It is possible to upgrade these products with long-lasting, inexpensive LEDs. Doing so can protect you against having bulbs burn out and leaving parts of the sign dark.
  • Monument signs. One of the most popular freshening projects is the monument sign. In many cases, doing so means painting the existing product and adding new letters. We can assist you with the design of the upgrade if needed.

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