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New Illuminated Sign Facings for Costa Mesa Medical Supplies Retailer Grab Commuters’ Attention on a Busy Street!

 Sep 14, 2017

Graphics for cabinet sign facings in Costa Mesa CA

Adapt 2 It Home Medical Supply took over a former mattress store location to expand its business. Signage was no problem since the prior retailer left two cabinet signs and one double-sided pylon sign behind. But the company’s management team knew that it needed help with revamped illuminated sign panels in Costa Mesa, CA. This was when we got the call to come and assist.

Translucent Sign Panels Make for Quick Marker Updates

New facings for cabinet signs in Costa Mesa CA

Turn your signage colorful with new sign facings!

Because the venue’s prior tenant left behind sign cabinets in excellent shape, the switch of the sign panels was quick and easy. We worked with the company to create an eye-catching display with its logo that needed a little more pizzazz to fill up the landscape-shaped signage. To achieve this goal, we added a red and black background that acts as immediate eye candy.

It grabs the attention of passersby and motorists, which heightens the signage’s wayfinding functionality as well as its marketing and branding abilities. We added a couple of bullet points to provide a niche explanation of Adapt 2 It Home Medical Supply’s services and products. Now, it is impossible to overlook the presence of the business. Also, prospective customers know exactly what the business does.

The Value of Niche Explanations

New pylon sign facings in Costa Mesa CA

We also added new graphics to their pylon sign!

For this client, we added some bullets to the new sign facings. However, this practice is not reserved only for building signs or monuments. Our experts have worked with other business owners who asked us to incorporate niche explanations in vehicle wraps, banners, window graphics, and interior signage. In fact, there are several advantages to this practice.

  • Brand awareness. Your customers form a sense of brand awareness. They learn to connect your iconic corporate palette and its font expression with names of products or services you sell. When this consumer needs a widget, s/he thinks of your business, first.
  • Product knowledge. Did you know that some passersby who routinely drive or walk past your location do not know what you do? Even if your company’s name gives a hint, they do not necessarily realize that you carry a particular set of products. For example, Adapt 2 It Home Medical Supply makes it clear that it deals in home medical supplies. But by adding a bullet point that advises about the company’s in-home safety line of products, our business sign experts were able to reach a new segment of the market.
  • Needs development. Sometimes, a buyer does not realize that s/he has a need for a product until you spell it out. This practice refers to the creation of an impulse stop or impulse buy. Niche explanations can create the need that your business can then fulfill right then and there.

Discuss the Design, Manufacture, and Installation of Illuminated Sign Panels in Costa Mesa, CA, with the Experts

Illuminated sign facings in Costa Mesa CA

Vibrant to see on all sides!

If you are relocating to the city or want to redo the look and feel of the signage you have, contact our graphic artists for assistance. We work with you to present your brand message and catch the attention of passersby. Call us today to learn more about your options.

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