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Coming Soon Window Graphics Announce the Future Opening of New Santa Ana Ale House!

 Sep 12, 2017

Coming Soon Window Graphics | Orange County CA

The downtown Santa Ana historical district is getting a new business tenant. The Congregation Ale House will add to its three locations – Long Beach, Azusa, and Pasadena – this fourth venue. Combining its gastropub reputation with a Catholic imagery undercurrent, rustic motif, and plethora of brews, there is already a buzz building around the new location. At this point, rumor has it that the targeted opening date will be Halloween. To prepare for the event, the company’s management team contacted us to put together some “Coming Soon” window graphics in Santa Ana, CA.

Eye-Catching Window Graphics Appeal to Prospective Workers and Guests

Window Graphics for Restaurants in Santa Ana CA

Window graphics designed with a “postcard” look and feel!

The ale house’s management team advertises employment opportunities as much as it vies for the consumer dollar with its signage products. When working with our client, we took cues from the old-style postcards they had someone design for the business. This approach ensured that we got the brand message exactly right.

By showing off some of its images, the ale house sets the tone for what residents come to expect from the business. Also, the graphics point curious future guests to the company’s other locations. Those who are intrigued by the décor and ambiance, and who want to check out what this brewery has that others do not, can visit these locales in the meantime. Doing so might just build up a loyal clientele at the Santa Ana location.

Marketing and Branding with “Coming Soon” Signage

Coming soon window banners for restaurants in Orange County CA

A great way to announce you’re opening soon!

Introducing a new market to your brand and advertising message is always a big undertaking. There are some different ways that you can generate interest in the business well ahead of its actual opening date.

  • Window graphics. The glass panels of your windows are most likely the largest surfaces you can work with. Introducing an incoming business with colorful images, lettering, and photos is a great idea. It also allows you to advertise for open positions, display products you carry, or highlight services you plan on offering.
  • Banners. “Coming Soon” banners are popular for the display of an actual grand opening date. Even if you are uncertain when the actual day is, simply let consumers know the season or month you intend to open up. The banner is a great marketing tool because customers automatically pay attention to these signage products.
  • Vehicle wraps. Go for the gusto with a targeted vehicle wrap. Park the car in front of your incoming location. Drive around the service territory to let people know that you will be opening a business in the area. Doing so makes it possible for customers to compare your services menu to that of nearby competitors.
  • Flutter flags. For immediate eye-catching signage, you cannot go wrong with flutter flags. We recommend using them just before your grand opening and for a while after that. These marketing tools advertise your location and make it easy for buyers to find you in a shopping center or strip mall.

Does Your Company Need “Coming Soon” Window Graphics?

Window signs and graphics for restaurants in Orange County CA

Ready to advertise your bar or restaurant with window graphics?

Whether you operate a gastropub, a retail establishment, or plan to expand a health care facility, alert locals to the incoming business. Doing so with banners and window graphics is an excellent way of starting to build some excitement as you count down the days to the grand opening. Our visual artists gladly work with you to find interesting ways of communicating your plans. Call us today to get started on the project!

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