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New Building Sign for Quest Building Products in Anaheim!

 May 10, 2015

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Located at 1129 North Patt Street, Quest Building Products specializes in a broad range of concrete products and the tools you need to work with the material. The company has partnered with a broad range of vendors that allow buyers to obtain the materials needed to finish frequently large projects. When it came time to add the types of exterior building signs Anaheim, CA, business clients rely on for enhanced visibility, the company’s management team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics.

Standing out with PVC

After meeting with Quest Building Products’ management team and undertaking a site survey, we created a half-inch-thick PVC sign that spells out the name of the company and presents the logo to the public. We stud-mounted the signage to the façade. To achieve the colorful look of the logo, we manufactured a digitally printed and laminated vinyl overlay we used on the material. The lettering received a coat of specialized paint that will keep the color looking great even after years of full sun exposure.

Is PVC Right for You?

PVC is an excellent exterior signage material for a broad range of applications. It features lightweight foam board, which attaches to all types of facades with ease. The semi gloss finish provides an attractive coating that is ideal for exterior as well as interior signage. Depending on your signage need, it is possible to die cut or rout the material with your application in mind.

Exterior Building Signs Orange County

PVC a great option for exterior signs!

For interior signage components – and some exterior uses as well – it is possible to rely on heat-bending to create specific displays that are quite eye-catching. Choose PVC for dimensional letters or for boards that show off your company’s name and logo. The vinyl overlay process, as previously discussed, is a good option for the addition of highly colorful and intricate detail work to a panel.

Other Material Options

Take a page from the playbook of Quest Building Products or opt for a different material that will help your company to stand out from other businesses in the area.

Aluminum. Aluminum is the material of choice when it comes to the manufacture of lightbox cabinet bodies or those that make up the bulk of channel letters. Facings for these signage products usually rely on the use of polycarbonate.
Acrylic. Another sturdy material, acrylic has the advantage of coming in die cut or cast appearances, which enhances usage options. Consider the use of acrylic letters in a vertical position on overhangs.
Metal. Although we have already discussed aluminum, some business owners actually like the use of brass, stainless steel and other metals.

Discovering the Right Material for Your Business

Orange County Exterior Building Signs

Does your Orange County building sign stand out?

Standing out and being true to your marketing and branding messages are the reasons for choosing the custom exterior building signs Anaheim, CA, consumers will soon come to associate with your company. Talk to our signage professionals today for more information on the various material options and manufacturing techniques that we can use to help you make your mark. We look forward to visiting you for a site evaluation and to bringing along some material samples for your consideration.

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