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California Daily Café Shows Off State Pride with Wall Mural

 May 05, 2015

Located at 7 Pointe Drive in Brea, the California Daily Café works hard to bring guests a quintessential Golden State food experience. With a focus on fresh and healthy foods, all arranged beautifully on a plate, this eatery embraces the guest who comes for the coffee but stays for the free Wi-Fi, the sports fan who enjoys food while catching up with the local team and the leisurely eater who likes to take time out for a full lunch with dessert. When it came time to beautify the café’s walls and add some local color, the company’s management team contacted Superior Signs and Graphics for assistance.

Wall Graphics for Restaurants in Orange County

This vinyl wall mural is getting noticed!

Adding Atmosphere

We discussed the use of wall murals for restaurants in Orange County. When you want an almost instant change to the look and feel of a venue, this one product solution delivers. The company’s management team agreed, and we created a four-foot by 22-foot wall mural that consists of a collage featuring famous California sights. To keep the look local, we focused the motifs on the areas of Brea and Orange County.

Since this eatery is famous as a lunch spot in the midst of high-rise office buildings, the change had to be quick. With the use of 3M vinyl in a matte finish, the installation process would be swift and could be handled after hours to make sure that nobody would be inconvenienced. We added a matte laminate to protect the collage, which makes cleanup simple. After we completed the installation, the client loved the new look of the welcoming booth wall.

Bringing Change to Your Venue

Could you benefit from the use of new restaurant wall murals in Orange County? Even if you have recently hired a professional to add a fresh coat of paint to your location, the answer is a resounding yes. The advantage of wall murals is the targeted ambiance enhancement that you can undertake without the need for expensive home goods purchases.

Restaurant vinyl wall graphics Orange County

Put a collage on your restaurant wall!


  • International flavor. Whether you offer patrons tastes from Mexico, Peru or Germany, choosing murals that bespeak the food’s countries of origin is always an attractive décor option.
  • Local color. For the quintessential American eatery, add local color to enhance the atmosphere of your venue. Put folks in the mood for your cuisine simply by appealing to their hometown pride.
  • Decorative touches. Whatever home goods you purchase to add atmosphere to your restaurant are likely to make life a bit more difficult for your staff. These items need to be cleaned regularly and may become dust catchers before long. With murals, you do not have these kinds of problems. If there is any dirt that needs removing, a quick stroke with a moist soft cloth does the trick.

Getting Started

Talk to our friendly graphics artists today to learn more about the mural creation process and the many options this product brings to the table. Find out how it can benefit your restaurant – no matter what is on the menu. By the way, wall graphics and murals are not just excellent for eateries. In fact, they are just as much at home on the walls of office suites and retail stores.

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