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Mission, Vision, and Values Statements Proudly Displayed at Corporate Offices in Orange County, CA!

 Feb 10, 2024

The Oncology Institute of Hope and Innovation invited our team to return and put up additional mission, vision, and values statements in Orange County, CA. We began our projects for this client with an initial batch of mission and value statements. Our team returned a short time later to create a timeline wall of site openings with frosted acrylic graphic panels. Take a look!

mission, vision, values signs for offices in orange county, ca

More Mission, Vision, and Values Signs for the 6th Floor

We designed the last set of acrylic panel signs for the company’s 8th floor. The client loved how it enhanced the overall ambiance of the space while continuing the brand narrative. Therefore, they wanted similar work done for the offices on the 6th floor. Most importantly, the signage had to be identical in look and design to the products we had already put together. Our graphic artist and technicians worked together to make the signage that we then installed with aluminum standoffs.

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