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Mesh Fence Banners Provide a Private and Serene Environment for Students to Play While Branding Schools in Orange County, CA!

 Oct 25, 2023

The Magnolia School District invited our team to do additional mesh fence banners for schools in Orange County, CA. You may remember that we had previously done mesh fence banners for school branding for Walt Disney Elementary School, Robert M. Pyles STEM Academy, and the Dr. Albert Schweitzer Leadership Academy – among others. This time, we headed to the Mattie Lou Maxwell Elementary School at 2613 West Orange Avenue in Anaheim.

mesh fence banners for elementary schools in orange county, ca

Designing, Producing, and Installing Mesh Fence Banners with Playground Graphics

For this project, we did banner runs on both sides of the fence. The banners have two distinctive purposes; one is to keep the kids’ playground area private but inviting. The other one is to brand the school, which is on a busy Anaheim street. 

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