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Short Term Window Graphics Solutions for Businesses in Orange County, CA!

 Oct 23, 2023

Our team appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with colleges and universities. Our newest client is the Laguna College of Art + Design, a four-year institution that serves around 700 students. Located at 2222 Laguna Canyon Road, the school operates a gallery at 374 Ocean Avenue. This space is set aside for art installations put together by students. When the administration contacted us, it needed short-term window graphics solutions for businesses in Orange County, CA, that would benefit this venue.

Short term window graphics solutions for businesses in orange county, ca

Understanding Short-Term Custom Window Graphics for Business Uses

You already know that our shop specializes in designing, producing, and installing long-term window graphics. These last between five and seven years and retain their great looks throughout this time with proper care. However, sometimes, a client does not need graphics to last for several years. For example, if a company knows it is moving locations within six months to a year, it makes sense to save money and invest in short-term graphics instead.

Storefront Before Window Graphics

For this art gallery, the window graphics were part of an installation the school wanted to advertise. Our team put together a product without a protective laminate to save the school money. Non-laminated graphics withstand the sun’s UV rays for about a year, which is plenty of time to meet the school’s needs. 

Who Else Benefits from Temporary Window Graphics?

For the school, the investment in these window graphics is an ideal advertising tool. For a company that moves, saving money on these products also makes sense. That said, there are plenty of other uses for these vinyl graphics.

  • Seasonal advertisements. Retailers appreciate that they can prepare their venues for seasonal shopping occasions with decals, letters, and even window wraps. Some clients have had excellent success with putting up themed vinyl frames on their retail windows to draw the attention of passersby.
  • Build-out locations. Businesses that are taking over new sites frequently undergo build-outs. These come with plenty of dust and clutter. Rather than letting passersby see the mess, these business owners cover the windows with temporary wraps that block the view but offer excellent advertising and brand-building opportunities.
  • With vehicle wraps. Even companies that have already invested in vehicle wraps or other graphics products can benefit from temporary products. Examples include businesses advertising open positions, mergers, or new product lines.

custom window graphics in orange county, ca

Working with Our Specialist on Your Next Temporary Window Graphics

If you are looking for short-term window graphics solutions for businesses in Orange County, CA, or even for long-lasting products, we can help. Our graphic artist welcomes the opportunity to work with you on the design. We can work with the specs you already have or create something completely new. Call us today to find out more!

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