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Mesh Fence Banners for Schools in Los Angeles, CA Boost School Pride While Providing a Tranquil Place to Play!

 Apr 26, 2023

Frequent readers of our blog are familiar with the work we have done for the Magnolia School District. Just recently, we had the opportunity to assist the District with additional heavy-duty mesh fence banners for schools in Los Angeles, CA. This time, the client requested that we head to Stanton’s Robert M. Pyles STEM Academy.

custom designed mesh fence banners for school playrounds in los angeles, ca

Playground Fence Banners for Elementary Schools Create a Peaceful Environment

The school is located along a busy street. The fenced playground faces this street. To give the kids a more peaceful playground setting, instead of looking at traffic and the apartments across the street, the client asked us to wrap the interior of the fences with graphics of kids playing in a playground. 

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