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Elevator Wraps in Orange County, CA, Can Advertise or Brand Your Commercial Elevator at a Low Cost!

 Apr 24, 2023

The last time our team visited the Orange Lutheran High School campus, we assembled wall murals, 3D wall lettering, and pole banners. When the client requested our return this time, we were tasked with the design, production, and installation of elevator wraps in Orange County, CA.

Attractive Elevator Door Vinyl Graphics in the Arts and Athletics Departments

The school’s administration already knows that vinyl graphics are versatile, budget-friendly products that are ideally suited to change the look and feel of various locations on the campus. This time, the elevator doors in two departments were the focus. There are just two levels for each elevator, so we wrapped the first and second-floor doors on each. 

vinyl wraps with graphics for elevators in orange county, ca

The simple design brightens up the hallways compared to the old beige paint. Concurrently, introducing brand colors and messages put these spaces to good use. After all, elevator door vinyl graphics are an excellent way to enhance the school’s aesthetics and promote school spirit. 

What Can Schools Do Using Vinyl Wraps with Graphics for Elevators?

The graphics we used here showcase the school’s logo and assist with wayfinding for students, staff, and visitors. Schools can use elevator door vinyl graphics in other ways to create a welcoming and engaging environment for everyone.

elevator wraps in orange county, ca

  • Promote school spirit. One of the most popular uses of door vinyl graphics is to promote school spirit. Showcase a mascot, school colors, and other visual elements that represent the school. By doing so, students and staff feel a sense of pride and belonging, ultimately improving school morale.
  • Communicate messages. Elevator door graphics can also be used to share important news with students and staff. For instance, use these graphics to feature motivational quotes, reminders of important dates or events, or even safety messages. By placing these messages on elevator doors, they will catch the attention of everyone who passes by, making them an effective way to communicate with the school community.
  • Provide wayfinding assistance. Use elevator door lettering and graphics to assist with wayfinding. Students and staff can quickly and easily navigate the school by placing directional arrows or maps on elevator doors. This is especially useful for visitors who may not be familiar with the school’s layout. With elevator door messages, schools can provide a clear and concise wayfinding system that is informative and visually appealing.
  • Feature student artwork. Another way schools can use elevator graphics is to showcase student artwork. Schools create an interactive, engaging environment that celebrates student creativity by displaying artwork on elevator doors. It adds to the school’s aesthetics and gives students a sense of pride and recognition for their hard work.
  • Boost branding. Enhance a school’s branding with the door graphics. Create a consistent and recognizable brand identity using the school’s logo, colors, and other visual elements. This is important for creating a cohesive and professional image inside and outside the school.

 door vinyl graphics in orange county, ca

Of course, there are plenty of additional uses for elevator wraps in Orange County, CA. Our graphic artist welcomes the opportunity to discuss them with you. Call us today!


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