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Lyft Vehicles Wrapped for Special Promotion in Orange County by Superior Signs and Graphics!

 Jul 31, 2017

Promotional Vehicle Wraps Orange County CA

Unless you have lived without a radio over the last few days, you know about the special Lyft promotion involving Taco Bell. Southern California commuters love Uber and Lyft, and both companies are in neck-to-neck competition with one another. Lyft might have just closed the deal with the Taco Bell promotion.

Get into Taco Mode with the Push of a Button

Vehicle Wraps for Special Events in Orange County CA

Vehicle wraps – a great way to promote an event!

The deal is simple: catch a ride with Lyft, stop at a Taco Bell en route to your destination, and every passenger gets a free taco. In Orange County, the promotion runs from July 27th to the 29th and then again from August 3rd to the 5th. Aimed at the late night crowd, the hours are 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Not only can you order your tacos, but you also enjoy an exclusive in-car menu. Moreover, the odds are good that your driver arrives in a taco-themed car. To support the advertising campaign that is currently on the air, Lyft decided to call us to get the special promotion vehicle wraps.

Putting Together Vehicle Wraps for Lyft Vehicles

Special Event Vehicle Wraps Orange County CA

Once wrapped, Lyft used magnets from Taco Bell!

We got the call and met with the client. Lyft representatives specified that the wraps were to cover the vehicles but leave the driver and passenger doors clear so that they can place changing messages with magnets on these surfaces. We took on five vehicle wraps that included a Prius, Camry, Scion, Ford C-Max, and Nissan Altima. The design is the same, but our graphic artists adapted the presentation for the various makes and models.

The wraps feature a hot pink color on top and a darker blue at the bottom. Both tones meet via gradient color changes. Stylized tacos and nacho chips are on the sides and hood – except on the previously mentioned doors. To say that these wrapped cars get attention is an understatement. Because the wraps do not talk about Lyft or Taco Bell, it is up to the door magnets to handle the message portion. Doing so will work well because the wraps are eye candy.

Get Attention with Vehicle Wraps

Lyft and Taco Bell Vehicle Wraps Orange County CA

Wraps are long-lasting and can be used again and again for your special promotion!

Typically, when you put together wraps for business, the company’s owner decides on the presentation of the corporate name, logo, niche graphics, and similar information. Lyft decided to buck the trend. Granted, the business chose to incorporate its corporate colors into the wrap, but this is the extent of the branding. Doing so is a smart way to engage the Southern California client.

  • Curiosity. By deliberately not mentioning the company, the consumer will be curious. Although Lyft’s color scheme is a staple in Orange County, the makeup of the wrap still offers a bit of a mystery.
  • Media tie-in. Lyft and Taco Bell are rolling out a major marketing campaign that these vehicles will support. By having them ready in time for the media blitz, the one-two punch of the campaign is virtually guaranteed.
  • Catch the consumer off guard. The promotion itself is an excellent way of targeting the company’s primary demographic. Those already in the know about the campaign are sure to put things together when seeing the vehicles. However, what turns their heads in the first place is the combination of a well-known company’s logo color with an image (the taco) that – at first glance – seems to have nothing to do with the business.

Did You Miss the Promotion?

Special Event Car Wraps Orange County CA

Ready to use car wraps for your promotion?

To say that Californians love this promotion would be an understatement. If you were not able to get in on the deal, do not worry. Taco Bell says that the company wants to provide this service nationwide next year.

If we have piqued your interest in trying out a new marketing campaign for your enterprise, discuss your plans with our graphic artists. We can help you put together a vehicle wrap design that supports a promotion you might be running on social media, TV, or via direct mail. Call us today to get started on the project!

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