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Low-Cost Commercial Van Graphics Give an Eye-Catching, Professional Look for Orange County Business!

 May 31, 2017

Commercial Van Graphics in Orange County CA Eye-catching and affordable!

When we met with an employee of L & G Rock and Sand, he had just bought a new Dodge RAM Van. Although a personal vehicle, he would still use the van for work. As you might imagine, it featured the standard, non-descript white factory color. He was given $1,500 in credit to apply toward low-cost commercial van graphics in Orange County, CA. During our consultation, we discussed a set of graphics that would display on the upper portion of the sides and van’s back.

RAM Van graphics in Orange County CA

Advertise from all sides with van graphics!

We worked with our client to put together a look that advertises L & G Rock and Sand while also expressing his tastes. He requested a patriotic American flag design with a subliminal Bible verse in the backdrop. The company’s name presents in the foreground with large lettering. The combination of artwork in the back, middle, and front of the graphics creates a stunning appearance that offers eye-catching depth.

Does it Matter if I Install Graphics for a Vehicle I Drive for Work?

Low-cost commercial van graphics in Orange County CA

We are a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer!

Entrepreneurs sometimes wonder if vehicle wraps or graphics packages actually make a difference. In fact, they make a significant difference.

  • In the way that consumers see your business. If there are two rivaling HVAC companies in your area, which one has the biggest impact? It would be the one that is the most visible and talked about. But how does a company become more visible? The answer is simple: invest in one or more mobile billboards. This approach lets you take the message to any location so you can target your demographic more effectively.
  • In your ability to position the brand. Consider how you want local consumers to react to your brand message. Do you want them to recognize you as a thought leader? Doing so is possible with the right vehicle graphics package. Another option would be to position it as the greatest value for a particular service; again, the right wrap message or graphics presentation makes the difference.
  • In the way that prospective buyers memorize the business’ information. Sometimes, you can get clients to remember your name with a clever jingle or tagline. At other times, it is the combination of an image and color display that creates a powerful mnemonic device. (This realization is one of the reasons why so many business owners spend countless days selecting the ideal symbol and color grouping. If you need help with this step, we gladly assist you.)

Advertise with Low-Cost Commercial Van Graphics in Orange County, CA

Whether you drive a fleet vehicle or your personal van for business, consider the missed opportunities if the conveyance presents with its factory white paint job. There is no mention of your business’ name, contact information, or even just a logo display.

Granted, it may sound a bit odd at first to turn your ride into a mobile billboard for the company, but take a page from the playbook of our client. He was able to include his personal preferences and make the wrap about his taste just as much as he was able to feature the company.

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