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Look at These 5 Amazing Choices for Anaheim Lobby Signs!

 Dec 17, 2020

When local companies invest in Anaheim lobby signs, they look for ways to boost brand awareness among customers and other visitors to a reception area. What option is right for you? Because customization is critical for the sign’s success, our shop offers a variety of choices. Here are five of the most popular ones.

1. Clear Acrylic Panels with Imprinted Vinyl Overlays and Standoffs

Acrylic panel lobby signs in Anaheim CA

Acrylic typically comes in transparent sheets. When you prefer a lobby logo panel versus three-dimensional letters, it is an excellent selection. Frequently, business clients will ask us to paint the acrylic in a brand-centric color. However, you might also consider keeping it clear. In this way, we can directly imprint the acrylic or add a branded vinyl overlay that displays your company’s name and logo. Clients can do very well with black imprints that then contrast from a white display wall. We add brushed aluminum standoffs for a great look.

2. Brushed Metal Lobby Signs with 3D Letters and Standoffs

Brushed Metal Lobby Signs in Anaheim CA

When you like the look of three-dimensional letters but also favor the logo board design, we recommend a combination of the two. Brushed metal is an excellent surface material that offers plenty of display opportunities. Go big, which lets 3D style elements shine. The brushed metal does not reflect the light as a polished surface would, which draws the eye to the colorful style elements. You might select metal, acrylic, or PVC for the individual 3D components. Mounting this sign with brushed metal standoffs is an outstanding choice.

3. Floor-to-Ceiling Lobby Signs without Lettering Build Brand Knowledge

Anaheim Lobby Signs with Logos

Some companies are so successful in advertising that their logos are familiar to almost anyone. You frequently see this trend in fast food settings. However, you also see it with several service businesses. If this describes your customer base, you may focus more on boosting brand knowledge than brand awareness. This means that you can display the logo portion of your corporate persona rather than the full name. Envision the use of a floor to ceiling brushed metal display that becomes the focal point of a lobby wall.

4. Incorporate a Metal Lobby Logo with Flat-Cut Letters

Lobby signs with logo and flat cut letters in Anaheim CA


Most business clients are looking for ways to make their lobby signs stand out a little. Three-dimensional letters with depths of up to one inch are not uncommon. However, some clients request that the lobby sign becomes a part of the wall space itself. In this case, the use of flat-cut metal or acrylic could be the best option. A narrower depth emphasizes the color contrast between the wall and the letters. When you want to make an elegant display in a setting with multi-colored or textured walls, go this route.

5. Indoor-Rated Sign Foam is a Budget-Friendly Choice That Allows for Exceptional Customization

Foam Letter Lobby Signs in Anaheim CA

When acrylic, metal, and PVC are not fully meeting your needs, consider the use of sign foam. This material is so versatile that it allows for depths of up to three inches. Besides that, we can paint the faces or install acrylic or metal laminates. This material is a budget-friendly alternative.

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